The Kruger National Park is the largest of its kind in South Africa and the second largest on the African continent. Spanning over 20,000 square kilometers, the park is divided into 14 different eco-zones and has 9 entrances for convenient access as safari travelers can enter the National Park from different directions.

Best Safaris in Africa

Found in the heart of the Lowveld, across the Mpumalanga and Limpopo Provinces, this colossal wilderness area forms part of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park, a peace park that links Kruger Park with game parks in Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Choose to explore the park on a self-drive safari, dictating the pace of your experience. Perhaps you might prefer a private and exclusive guided safari or a more affordable group safari where you get to share the fun with fellow safari enthusiasts.

Luxury Private Lodges or Camping

Safari accommodation in Kruger ranges from bush lodges, rest camps and tented camps. Each establishment is distinct in character yet the friendly atmosphere and excellent service extend to all the safari lodges and accommodation. Depending on one’s budget and preference, guests can choose from rustic camps, sometimes tented, to luxury lodges appointed with facilities one would otherwise find in upmarket hotels.

Great Infrastructure in Nature

Kruger National Park is divided into four distinct regions which make it easier for guests to choose the kind of experience they want from their safari. The Central Region encompasses 30% of the park’s surface area and is a hotspot for tourists. It is home to half of the park’s lion population including numbers of cheetah, leopard and hyena.

Book your bush & beach package tour to Kruger National Park, almost a country on its own and a must-visit for every South African and international traveller.

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