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Mozambique Safari and Beach

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array(1) { [0]=> array(19) { ["ids"]=> int(19257) ["type"]=> string(11) "destination" ["title"]=> string(34) "Bush and Beach Holidays Mozambique" ["thumb"]=> string(89) "https://www.mozambiquetravel.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Mozambique-Safari-400x250.jpg" ["url"]=> string(62) "https://www.mozambiquetravel.com/safari-in-mozambique/holidays" ["excerpt"]=> string(115) "Africa Safari Packages with a beach add on to the islands of Mozambique. The perfect combination holiday itinerary." ["is_sadc"]=> NULL ["nights"]=> NULL ["usd_price"]=> NULL ["zar_price"]=> NULL ["units"]=> string(18) "Per person sharing" ["is_deal"]=> NULL ["deal_discount"]=> NULL ["deal_price"]=> int(0) ["deal_saving_price_usd"]=> NULL ["accommodation"]=> NULL ["experiences"]=> string(0) "" ["destination"]=> string(25) "Safari and Beach Packages" ["statement"]=> NULL } }