Why we Love Leatherback Beach Villa

The ultimate laid back deluxe destination for turtle watching and learning more about marine diversity while enjoying a luxury suite and private swimming pool, personal chef and wall to wall views.

Kick back and relax in the Master Suite, a refuge in white drapes, surrounded by floor to ceiling glass windows and doors plus ample ocean and blue skies.

Powerful outside showers to awaken and refresh then to wash off the salty ocean when you have been swimming all day.

Treasured evenings in the boma around the fire pit while the chef pours drinks and temps your palate with fresh seafoods and fancy side dishes.

Adventures have no limits where beaches are endless, game drives surprise all kinds of wildlife and everyone can be active in the ocean, on hikes to see birds or on canoes to see the dolphins.

Leatherback Beach Villa Santa Maria Accommodation Mozambique

Welcome to a brand new and one of our very special Mozambique luxury villas sitting high in the dune forests of the Santa Maria in the unknown magical Machangulo Nature Reserve. For unmatched sophistication, utter seclusion in nature and facilities beyond world class, book your suite in a destination reserved for nature lovers who love the glamourous touch to a Mozambique holiday. The ultimate private luxury location with magnificent sea views, made in heaven for a family of eight.

Santa Maria Mozambique is the perfect private beach escape in Mozambique, a blissful place to reset and unwind, to reconnect with self and with family. Named after a rare turtle that migrates across the oceans and lays eggs in the sands, Leatherback Beach Villa is indeed the setting you need for a complete reconnection with yourself and the environment. 

Your booking reveals your choice in nature conservation and your commitment to this eco lavish resort is the lodge’s commitment to their people and environment. Fire Island Eco Retreats comprise a family of opulent villas in a nature reserve with community upliftment their red flag. Handpicked accommodation that is so opulent it simply reeks of the royal treatment – in a natural setting with the ocean the cinema and the surrounding estuaries, dunes and beaches the stage for your personal drama. 

Specially Selected Suites for Families and Honeymooners in Machangulo 

At Leatherback Villa, families and honeymooners become part of something harmonious, gentle, and soul searching – the quest for conserving ecological biodiversity and community livelihoods with your own luxurious retreat in a lavish haven on a hill. Imagine a suite so spacious and so decadent that the silence is deafening? A place where time stands still and soft hues of nature’s palette adorn beds, floors and furnishings, creating a refuge for your mind and spirit. 

The entire villa sleeps a maximum of 8 people in Machangulo – so ideal for your family group, and a place so perfect you will have to pinch yourself to see if you are indeed dreaming! The largest master suite is made for fabulous opulent relaxation where aqua seas add colour to white linens and furnishings of wood and soft hues – and the starry skies are a blessing every night from the wooden deck. Gorgeous outside showers and deep bathtubs make the rooms a joy to be in when the days are so long and fun and the nights await with their charm and calm. 

Dune suite reflects the lush dunes surrounding this gorgeous villa raised to take in the infinite sea and coastal vistas and the twin rooms are made for families with kids who want to retreat into a nature so refined it seems like another world on another planet. Private splash pools, coffee bars and fans complete the luxury amenities per suite making everyone feel like royalty in a plush home away from home.

Jump into an offroad vehicle and explore the nature reserves or hike on foot into the haven of wildlife and birds. Seek out the forests and canoe into the edges to find the flamingos and the waders. Surf a wave, kitesurf in the winds and find the best shells lying down deep when you snorkel for hours on end in warm clear waters. So much to do here to learn about the great environment and all the connections between people and nature, survival and conservation commitments. 

Mozambique luxury villas at  Leatherback Beach Villa Santa Maria 

Quintessential environmentally friendly refuges in nature where opulence, designer amenities and 6-star service make holidays top of the privileged scale and packed with royal ambience. Your getaway into nature to Leatherback Beach Villa is inspired by those who want to conserve all wildlife for future generations and who care about those who inhabit such gorgeous regions. Sustainable tourism ethics are about people and planet so that both survive and there is enough for all to go around. 

When you pay for your eco conscious holiday in Africa, you automatically contribute to reducing your carbon footprint and preserving fauna, flora, rare habitats, and communities who have lived on such natural resources for decades. If you love being pampered and you love exquisite homes with chic facilities, then you will over the opulence at all the Fire Island Eco Retreats in Machangulo Nature Reserve. 

Become a part of something out of this world, something so special that you wonder if you are dreaming. Handpicked dream vacation deals created for your desires and leisure needs – savour the golden moments and living in a transient paradise made for joy.

Mozambique’s Latest Private Nature Reserve and Santa Maria Accommodation

A daring, spiritual place close to Maputo and a setting so spectacular that the beauty astounds the visitor in a sensory explosion. Get there by boat, car, plane or helicopter and absorb nature’s messages in a pristine African wilderness where communities, ecosystems and ecotourism hold hands together to save the future. 

Part of the Lubombo Transfrontier Conservation Area, this nature reserve is a biodiversity hotspot stretching a massive 5700 ha and embracing 20km of exquisite white beaches up the coast. Such extravagance in these extraordinary eco villa developments, such intimate use of space and materials, so much investment in so much lavishness and exquisite taste. 

Machangulo Private Nature Reserve offers privacy and refuge in harmony with a splendid conservation region that could get World Heritage Site status. Investors preserve a unique part of the Mozambique wilderness with these Santa Maria Villas, innately tied to a premium ecotourism initiative that hopes to engage local communities through upliftment programs, to save the environment.

Leatherback Beach Villa Facilities

  • Suites: Master Suite, Dune Suite, Twin Suites 
  • Swimming pool
  • Boma fire area
  • Deck 
  • Dining area

Leatherback Beach Villa Activities

  • Snorkelling 
  • Kayaking
  • Surfing 
  • Private game drives
  • Long beach walks
  • Games in the villa, swimming 

Getting to Leatherback Beach Villa

Accessible via a beautiful Beech 18 private aircraft – is convenient while part of the decadence. Or by boat from Santa Maria (60-90 minutes) or by car from Maputo Special Reserve.

Contact Mozambique Travel to secure your swish holiday in paradise where space, chic detail and high class facilities entertain your relaxation needs.