Why we Love Loggerhead Beach Villa

Flawless suites and rooms made for 6 couples in dreamy luxury abodes where every mod con provides respite from stress and city life, deliberately creating a healing haven of introspection and health.

Taking the name of extraordinary migrating sea creatures that live in their shells and lay their eggs on the white sands, the villa is just that, a rare creature arising from the dunes to rest in nature, alive and charismatic.

Feast on mouth-watering foods created by highly trained chefs who encourage guests to savour every minute of their meals, every nuance of every flavour and every delicate course.

You simply never get over the views, so stupendous, so unbelievably gorgeous and so almost unreal, of the ocean, the forests, the dunes, the white beaches, the bays….

Family Holidays at Loggerhead Private Villa in Machangulo Nature Reserve

Welcome to this brand new Mozambique beach villa, magnificent eco home siting high in the dune forests of the Santa Maria Peninsula in the unknown magical Machangulo Nature Reserve. Mozambique villas have never known such luxury, such regal nuance such exotic décor. For unmatched sophistication, utter seclusion in nature and facilities beyond world class, book your suite in a destination reserved for nature lovers who love the glamourous touch to a Mozambique holiday.

Mozambique beach villas for your holiday of a lifetime. Your private luxury villa awaits, sleeping 12 in chic style and perfect for families and groups and one of our best Mozambique Beach Villas by far. What an inspiring name for an inspiring destination in nature – Loggerhead turtles are gorgeous endangered marine reptiles found in the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans coming ashore to lay their eggs in the sands. 

How sad that the Loggerhead turtle is threatened by discarded fishing equipment and plastic waste, while eggs are vulnerable to predators and human development along all coastlines. Insightful conservation efforts at Loggerhead Villa aim to protect these incredible animals and your very booking is a commitment to the conservation of all wildlife in this private Mozambique nature reserve.

Loggerhead Beach Villa in Santa Maria Peninsula

Awe-Inspiring Double Rooms Fit for Romance in the Dunes at Loggerhead Villa

Six decadent double rooms have been made for romance and getting away from it all in the superb luxury of a 6-star ambience in this Mozambique Beach Villa. Honeymoon couples can be quite alone in the sanctuaries of two of the rooms, throwing open expansive double doors to become one with the natural enclave just outside, the beach a few steps away and the refreshing ocean waves daring couples to venture in.  Soft beds, linen drapes, outside showers and bathtubs to sink into, romance knows no bounds here where wooden decks provide solace from the sun and time to connect. 

Families will love two rooms close together where games can be played and races to the ocean waves become the challenge. Gather around the Loggerhead Villa swimming pool and sip an exotic cocktail at the poolside. Rinse off in the refreshing outside shower and wait until gourmet cooking smells waft over the pool, reminding you that food here is an art, a taste sensation created by talented private chefs who love the catch of the day. 

Mozambique Villas in the Machangulo Special Nature Reserve near Maputo

Set off on long walks and hikes into the Machangulo Special Reserve, camera at the ready to snap plants, birds, water and forests, while gasping in awe at the wealth of life around you! Plan a boat cruise to Inhaca Island, natural heritage site brimming with indigenous and rare animals and plants, including a lush forest, clean corals and shipwrecks nearby. Take your snorkelling kit and enjoy a sumptuous picnic lunch in a deserted cove somewhere astounding. 

Elephants, buffalos, hippos, rare antelope and flamingos are a sight for sore eyes in the heart of the surreal Machangulo Special Reserve, a reminder that the Maputo National Park is also just up the road and another haven of biodiversity that needs ongoing protection.

At Loggerhead Beach Villa, adventure awaits – snorkelling in the clearest of ocean waves to find the most weird and wonderful corals and seaweeds, fish and shells. Jump on a kayak, go surf a wave or wander down to an activity centre to try a kite surfing thrill or a whale watching boat cruise. Pedal hard on a beach fat bike to explore long white beaches where only you and a few birds seem to exist for that moment in paradise. In our top 3 of best value Mozambique Beach Villas.

Many guests like to experience a scuba dive and others like to hook a game fish on a deep-sea fishing expedition. The excitement is yours, the rewards are many: experiencing an environment so untouched it feels like heaven – where sharks, dolphins, dugongs and manta rays glide, where myriad birds wade and flit and where wild animals hide in the natural vegetation. It is a privilege just being here, in a nature reserve development where scintillating furnishings and amenities mean that you are the focus only during your Mozambique holiday in the lap of luxury.

Calm down in the evenings around the fire and take on a new friend at table tennis or darts, play a board game until late and shoot pool until the stars are way above you in the stark glitzy heavens. 

Your packaged holiday to the heavenly Loggerhead Villa is an immediate investment in nature conservation, community development and ecotourism security ensuring that all life on the Santa Maria Peninsula lasts into the new ages. An eco-lodge with a huge heart, Loggerhead is the place where you want to learn about turtles, you want to swim like a turtle, and you want to be part of something greater than you and something that brings joy to all nature lovers out there.

Mozambique Villas and feeling at Home in Loggerhead Beach Villa 

Quintessential environmentally friendly refuges in nature where opulence, designer amenities and 6-star service make holidays top of the privileged scale and packed with royal ambience. Your getaway into nature is inspired by those who want to conserve all wildlife for future generations and who care about those who inhabit such gorgeous regions. Sustainable tourism ethics are about people and planet so that both survive and there is enough for all to go around. 

When you pay for your eco conscious holiday in Africa, you automatically contribute to reducing your carbon footprint and preserving fauna, flora, rare habitats, and communities who have lived on such natural resources for decades. If you love being pampered and you love exquisite homes with chic facilities, then you will love the opulence at all the Fire Island Eco Retreats in Machangulo Nature Reserve. Become a part of something out of this world, something so special that you wonder if you are dreaming. Handpicked dream vacations curated for your desires and leisure needs – savour the golden moments and living in a transient paradise made for joy.

Mozambique’s Latest Private Nature Reserve in Machangulo on Santa Maria Peninsula 

A daring, spiritual place close to Maputo, close to Maputo Special Reserve and a setting so spectacular that the beauty astounds the visitor in a sensory explosion. Get there by boat, car, plane or helicopter and absorb nature’s messages in a pristine African wilderness where communities, ecosystems and ecotourism hold hands together to save the future. 

Part of the Lubombo Transfrontier Conservation Area, this nature reserve is a biodiversity hotspot stretching a massive 5700 ha and embracing 20km of exquisite white beaches up the coast. Such extravagance in these extraordinary eco villa developments, such intimate use of space and materials, so much investment in so much lavishness and exquisite taste. 

Machangulo Private Nature Reserve offers privacy and refuge in harmony with a splendid conservation region that could get World Heritage Site status. Investors preserve a unique part of the Mozambique wilderness, innately tied to a premium ecotourism initiative that hopes to engage local communities through upliftment programs, to save the environment. Our top choice for Mozambique Beach Villas in 2024.

Loggerhead Beach Villa Facilities

  • Well-equipped games room with darts, table tennis and billiards
  • Private swimming pool
  • Bar
  • Private dining
  • 6 luxury rooms 

Loggerhead Beach Villa Activities

  • Well-equipped games room with darts, table tennis and billiards
  • Private pool
  • Fully stocked bar
  • Kayaking, snorkelling and other water sports
  • Fishing, birding
  • Trips to Inhaca Island and to Santa Maria Village
  • Game Drives and Nature Trails

Getting to Loggerhead Beach Villa

Take the boat from Maputo Bay, 60-90 minutes to cross to Santa Maria.

Private charters via fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter from Maputo Airport to a nearby private airstrip. A short trip across Maputo Bay to Loggerhead Beach Villa. Contact Mozambique Travel to secure your magical holiday in a paradise setting close to Maputo on the Santa Maria Peninsula.