Weather information and advice, Mozambique’s Sunshine Updates

Spring: October – November
Summer: December – March
Autumn: April – May
Winter: May – September

The average temperature for Mozambique is a balmy 28ºC all year round. The climate varies slightly according to the regions of the country. The coast experiences a sub-tropical climate while the northern parts of the county are tropical. Generally, the hot rainy season is from December to March. The average temperature along the coast is 29º C (88º F).

Inland, temperatures are slightly cooler, but conditions are more humid. In the dry season, April to November, temperatures along the coast average 27ºC (80ºF).

Rainfall along the coast is heavy, but decreases in the north and south. Cyclones are common during the wet weather season. The average temperature ranges in Maputo range from 13 degrees to 24 degrees Celsius in July, to 22 to 31 degrees Celsius in February.

What is the best time to visit Mozambique?

The best time to have a vacation in Mozambique is between May and November, when rainfall and temperatures are at its lowest. It is also good to travel during the early part of the warm, rainy season from November to January, but be prepared for sweltering temperatures, especially during January.

Try to avoid the height of the rains, from February to March/April, as many of the roads become impassable and flooding is common in the south and centre. During the holiday season, i.e. Easter, Christmas, New Year and in August, Mozambique’s southern coastal resorts become overrun with visitors and travellers, so book in advance.

What to pack for your Mozambique Holiday?

Most people make the mistake of taking along too much clothing. Pack comfortable, casual and semi-casual clothes. Please also avoid clothing resembling military/army uniform (i.e. army jackets, caps, and trousers). Please dress appropriately when visiting towns, markets, and villages.

This list below is purely a guideline:

  • Pair of walking/running shoes
  • Pair of ‘rocky’ type sandal/reef shoes (essential for the Quirimbas Archipelago)
  • Smart/casual trousers for evenings
  • Shorts, shirts/T-shirts (any combination)
  • Light cotton long sleeved shirts
  • Light cotton skirt / wrap skirt/sarong for the ladies fleece/warmer jacket for cooler evenings
  • Swimming costume/bikini
  • Sun protection hats/cap
  • Suntan lotion high factor/sun block, lip balm, sunglasses
  • Spectacles (if worn, some people have trouble with contact lenses whilst travelling)
  • Pen for immigration formalities
  • Notebook and reading material for plane travel