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With 2500 km of coastline and dozens of the world’s most beautiful tropical islands, Mozambique offers a stunning variety of white sand beaches and azure seas. Combine that with superb seafood, year round warmth and sunshine, and accommodation for all tastes and you’ll understand why visitors keep coming back.

The warm Mozambique current provides a perfect setting for martine activities with world class snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, sailing, stand up paddling and other watersports. Sail the islands in sleek modern vessels or experience the magic of island hopping safaris on ancient Arabic dhow craft.





Watch elephants and lions, antelope and zebras in their natural habitat in Gorongosa and Niassa game reserves, or hop across the border to South Africa’s legendary Kruger National Park. Swim with wild dolphins off Ponto do Ouro in the south, or the secluded Ibo island in the north, or watch dugongs and whales at play in the center.

Experience one of Africa’s most interesting and vibrant cultures, uniquely shaped by a thousand years of Arab and 500 years of Portuguese influence. Isla de Mozambique and Ibo Island appear frozen in time, with slave forts, beautiful buildings, and ancient crafts still practiced. Cultural and history tours on remote Ibo island provide insights into a living past that has otherwise disappeared.





The undiscovered Quirimbas Archipelago off the northern coast at Pemba is remote for authentic holidays off the beaten track. Ride horses at sunset on the long beach at Ponto Mamoli, dive with manta rays and whale sharks at Tofo and Barra. Families love the warm lagoons at Bilene.

From tiny private islands with helicopter-only access to long white beaches popular with families and backpackers, Mozambique offers authentic holiday experiences for all tastes and budgets. Whether you’re after romantic seclusion, luxury beach villas, party central, culture and history, or game camps in wild Africa – Mozambique has it all.




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If you are a traveller that's much more picky about your accomodation type, choose from our range of luxury Hotels, Lodges, Resorts, Self-Catering, Premium Luxury offerings and Island Location accommodation in Mozambique and find the perfect match for your travels!

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map mozambique quirimbas archipelago lake niassa pemba nacala nampula ilha de mozambique bazaruto archipelago quelimane beira tofo vilanculos inhambane xai-xai bilene maputo ponta mamoli santa maria peninsula ponta do oura kruger national park limpopo national park

Bazaruto Archipelago

The Bazaruto Archipelago consists of 6 idyllic islands lying off the Mozambique coastal town of Vilanculos. Visitors have their choice of islands at their fingertips each of which boasts protected coral reefs and crystal waters, some of the best diving and fishing in the world.

Quirimbas Archipelago

The Quirimbas Archipelago is a beautiful string of 32 islands lying far north of Maputo. Stretching more than 100 kilometres along the coastline, the Quirimbas Islands offer unique, unspoilt accommodation choices for visitors all year round.


Mozambique’s Inhambane Region is a popular tourist destination. Loved by divers, fishermen campers, beach bums and those seeking a luxury getaway alike, Mozambique Travel Packages to Inhambane in the south are designed to suit every pocket.


Tofo beach is a surfers’ paradise. This popular Mozambique beach destination runs from a rocky point in the south up towards Ponto do Barra and is filled with excited South African families during school holidays.


Vilanculos is a small town some 700km north of Maputo that pulses with life – Mozambique Accommodation on this part of the African coast offers anything from camping and backpackers to sublime luxury hotels and private, self-catering homes.

Ponta Mamoli

Ponta Mamoli remains untouched and undeveloped; one of Mozambique’s hidden treasures on the southern coast of the country. Highly accessible and affordable, this Mozambique Holiday Destination offers accommodation for all.

Ponta Do Oura

The small Beach Holiday town of Ponto da Ouro is only 10kms from the South African border and is highly accessible. A wonderful combination of pristine beaches and lush indigenous vegetation, this beach destination is also well developed.

Santa Maria Peninsula

Join tourists who love holidays off the beaten track, in nature, when you book your Mozambique holiday to the magnificent Santa Maria Peninsula. Indulge in world class fishing, exquisite bird sightings and mind-boggling snorkelling.

Xai Xai

Xai Xai has it all for tourists who want to experience the ideal Mozambique holiday destination in the great outdoors. From comfortable chalets to luxury lodges with swimming pools, Xai Xai promises fantastic warm weather accommodation all year round.


Bilene – or Praia do Bilene – is known as a popular beach resort right on the Mozambique Channel. Bilene offers a range of accommodation options from self-catering bungalows to the most luxurious chalets with great views of the lagoon.


Pemba is a picturesque Mozambique Holiday destination situated in the far north of the country near the Tanzanian border. Gateway to the Quirimbas Archipelago and not far from Zanzibar, Pemba is relatively undeveloped and very fertile.

Ilha de Mozambique

Travel to Mozambique’s Ilha de Mozambique, a tiny island off the coast of Nacala Province in Mozambique. A popular Mozambique Holiday Destination, the island boasts a fascinating blend of Indian, Portuguese, African and Arab cultures and architecture.


Nacala is on the northern coast of Mozambique and the deepest natural port on the east coast of Africa. Accommodation at Nacala, some 112km north of Ilha de Mozambique, is varied and suitable for visitors going diving or exploring.


Surrounded by open plains and rocky outcrops, the city of Nampula lies tucked in the rolling hills and rising mountains of the interior of Mozambique. This is the country’s third-largest city and one of cultural and historical interest.


Welcome to the largest city in Mozambique – Quelimane is a historical seaport and beach holiday destination. Book your romantic Mozambique beach accommodation in Quelimane overlooking Zalala Beach, just 30km northeast of the hubbub from town.


As a tourist in Beira, spend your free time exploring this Mozambique frontier town and port. The second largest city in Mozambique, Beira is also the capital of the Sofala Province. Those who do visit this port city will find attractive architecture, great food and hospitality


Maputo is the gateway to Mozambique island and beach holidays. Maputo is also one of Africa’s premier tourist destinations and the global influx of visitors has brought job creation and income for local communities.

Lake Niassa

Book your ideal Mozambique honeymoon at Lake Niassa, the Mozambican name for Lake Malawi. This enormous body of fresh water shares boundaries with Malawi and Mozambique and is renowned as an exciting holiday destination.

Limpopo National Park

The best beach to bush excursion in Mozambique starts at the magical and wild Limpopo National Park. A conservation area that straddles two countries and offers some of the best game viewing in the world.

Kruger National Park

Kruger offers independent wildlife viewing, world class facilities and untouched wilderness on nearly two million hectares of land stretching an incredible 20 000 square kilometres along the Mozambique border.

Selous Game Reserve

Experience a plethora of exhilarating and awe-inspiring activities at the enormous Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania this year. Embark on a thrilling walking safari into Selous and you are bound to encounter big game such as elephants and lions.

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