Safari camps and where to stay in Gorongosa

Wondering where to stay in Gorongosa National Park? No problem, this piece of paradise offers prime Mozambique safari camps and accommodation for nature lovers in the heart of Sofala Province.

Where to Stay in Gorongosa National Park, Prime Mozambique Safari Camps

Did you know that Gorongosa is probably one of the most magical places on Earth, a wildlife sanctuary that rates well above countless game reserves in Africa? A tasteful bush lodge and safari camps add value to your game viewing experience. Read all about the great deals and packages to this remarkable national park in Mozambique.

Gorongosa is a paradise offering diverse game viewing, awe-inspiring wildlife, healthy ecosystems and breath-taking landscapes. Such natural beauty provides an escape for tourists, research data for scientists and conservationists, livelihoods for communities, and refuges for nature lovers. Gorongosa is the future of the planet. 

Mozambique Travel believes that Gorongosa is THE ultimate safari holiday you want to book in east Africa. We can tailor-make your special safari deal to the lodge and camps residing here, deep in the real bushveld of Africa. Focus on a cosy self-catering unit at Montebelo Lodge and Safari with the option to pitch your own tent at Chitengo Camp close by. 

No more wondering where to stay when you choose a bush-beach break in Mozambique. The ultimate safari-ocean vacation dream trip to Africa this summer begins with a Gorongosa safari holiday like no other combined with an idyllic island escape to the fantastical Bazaruto Archipelago. Check out our interactive map here to learn more.

Wild Camp: Gorongosa National Park

Wild Camp: Gorongosa National Park

A prime tented safari camp in the heart of Gorongosa where immersion in nature is the theme, and bush walks take safari enthusiasts closer to big game in their natural habitats. Off the grid solar power and dining under the stars.
Muzimu Tented Camp Safari Lodge

Muzimu Tented Camp Safari Lodge

A brand-new remote bush lodge deep in the Gorongosa bush, boasting six raised luxury canvas tents with private timber decks, designed in true East African style. Muzimu means “Guardian Spirit” and guests are treated like gold in this stylish safari destination.
Montebelo Gorongosa Lodge and Safari

Montebelo Gorongosa Lodge and Safari

Find Montebelo Lodge in the alluring Gorongosa wildlife sanctuary in Sofala Province, a recently restored wild destination for nature lovers. Delightful villas, cabins and bungalows in a pretty garden around a central restaurant, bar and swimming pool.

The history timeline of Gorongosa National Park Mozambique

  • 1920: Gorongosa wilderness area first established as a 1 000 square km hunting reserve. 
  • 1932: the reserve is expanded to 3200 square km to protect rhino and Nyala
  • 1951: the first camp, Chitengo, is built as the reserve HQ and features a bar and restaurant. 
  • 1960: Gorongosa National Park is born, now 5300 square km. 
  • 1977-1992: devastation hits the park when civil war hammers Mozambique and professional hunters decimate 90% of the game inside Gorongosa. 
  • 1994: the Mozambique government begins to rejuvenate the park but count only 100 elephants and a few hundred antelope and zebra. 
  • 2005: USAID steps in to assist the animal rehabilitation and restocking of this rich wildlife region to its natural wilderness capacity. 
  • 2006: wildlife relocations start in earnest, alongside community education and inclusion with the protection of their ancestry land within the park. 
  • 2011: the park reveres the work of famous biologists, E.O. Wilson, who carries out a BioBlitz for his new book, “Life on Earth”.
  • 2014: the man himself returns to open the astounding Edward O. Wilson Biodiversity Laboratory, the first of its kind in Mozambique. 
  • 2020: Gorongosa National Park turns 60 and is well on the mend, attracting increasing numbers of wildlife loving tourists every year.

Gorongosa National Park Facts and Figures

  • Gorongosa National Park is jointly managed by the Mozambique Government and the Gorongosa Restoration Project, a US-based non-profit, in a 20-year agreement to protect the ecosystems, aide local communities’ socio-economic development, and build a sustainable tourism industry.
  • Gorongosa is “Africa’s greatest wildlife restoration story” – all role-players love the park, deeply committed to preserving the earth’s biological heritage. 
  • Gorongosa is a fascinating blend of complex and diverse ecosystems supporting rare creatures in a huge area of pristine wilderness – rated as one of the most biodiverse places on Earth.
  • The sensational range of species include wild dog, the Big 5, hundreds of zebras and antelope, hippos, crocs, pangolins, chameleons, crabs and unusual birds.
  • Sustainable tourism principles of people and planet need the participation of all locals, scientists, media, educationists and conservationists.

Montebelo Gorongosa Lodge and Safari Camps and Accommodation

Travel to Mozambique Gorongosa is enhanced with tasteful and comfortable accommodation in a safari lodge or a few delightful campsites. We offer all the deals for the best packages to Montebelo, Wild Camp or Muzimu Campsite. Tourists get a choice of luxury lodgings or tasteful rustic camping in an unforgettable wilderness area in Sofala Province. 

Read all about great deals and packages to the safari camps and lodges within this incredible national park in Mozambique. Find the park north of Beira with its landmark Mount Gorongosa reaching 1800 m into the sky, the vital watershed for the game and their habitats.

Learn below about the gorgeous Gorongosa Wild Camp, a seasonal campsite that closes for the rains end of October, and Muzimu Tented Camp, a permanent luxury tented camp on a river with wonderful amenities. This intimate nature accommodation nestles unobtrusively in a prime safari area where delicious meals and safari activities are part of the deal.

Getting to Gorongosa National Park

  • Self-drive into Chitengo if you so wish, but Gorongosa National Park does not permit self-drive game viewing as all activities are conducted by qualified guides and game rangers.
  • Fly into Beira or Chimoio and use the Montebelo transfer service or 3rd Party Transfer Providers. From Beira the average travel time is 4.5 hours and from Chimoio it is 3 hours.  
  • There is the option to charter a plane from Beira International Airport from Montebelo Lodge partners at Safari Air. The flight is a quick and scenic 35-minute flight.