Ideal Mozambique honeymoon

Book your ideal Mozambique honeymoon at Lake Niassa, the Mozambican name for Lake Malawi. This enormous body of fresh water shares boundaries with Malawi and Mozambique and is renowned as an exciting holiday destination.

Luxury Mozambique lodges

Choose luxury Mozambique lodges and hotels on the shores of the lake which stretches an amazing 600km and is home to more than 1 000 species of fish, most of which are cichlids. Did you know that these evolutionary species have developed an awesome variety of bright colors and biological changes to be able to survive in the competitive world of underwater Niassa?

In fact, scuba divers come to Lake Niassa from far and wide to revel in her tropical wonderland which resembles a cove under the ocean. The only difference is that corals are missing, as well as sharks and whales and other salt water creatures!

Set off on your African adventure to Lake Niassa, the perfect off the beaten track holiday destination for families or couples. Take your time to discover this untouched natural region where only nature, the pristine shoreline and huge skies fill your vision. With unique views of the mountains surrounding the Great Rift Valley, this rare Mozambique holiday destinations is a special conservation area – one of the largest and bio-diverse freshwater lakes in the world.

Pretend you are in Seychelles when you settle into your luxury lodge on the sandy beaches of Lake Niassa. The lake is incredibly like the warm Indian Ocean that surrounds the island – crystal clear turquoise waters – fresh, welcoming and cool. There are no tides but look out for seasonal storms during the rains when small waves erupt onto the beaches. Climb the smooth boulders dotted along these shores, and hike the lush tropical forests further inland.

A holiday on the Mozambique side of Lake Niassa, or Lake Malawi, is extremely satisfying as it takes you away from the madding crowds. This region remains remote and undeveloped and tourism has yet to benefit the rural villagers. Yes, Niassa is a far-flung romantic getaway, ideal for a honeymoon or family holiday where you combine your stay with a safari in Zambia, Malawi or northern Mozambique.

Kaya Mawa Likoma Island

Kaya Mawa Likoma Island

Enjoy a beach holiday with a difference in a destination where fishing and agriculture mean survival for local people. Choose the luxury Kaya Mawa on Likoma Island to experience a chic break from daily life and immerse yourself in beautiful surrounds.
Nkwichi Lodge Lake Malawi

Nkwichi Lodge Lake Malawi

Nkwichi Lodge offers a Mozambique Holiday Hotel on the shores of Lake Malawi, surrounded by beautiful rocks, pristine forests and views of a stunning sandy beach.