Luxury Resorts & Lodges in Mozambique


Mozambique is not short of luxury resorts and lodges where families, honeymoon couples, business delegates and private travellers have the times of their lives. In fact, this diverse African destination is packed with choice when it comes to choosing your accommodation for a special holiday.

From Ponto d’ Ouro in the South to Pemba in the north, the extensive Mozambique coastline promises unique resorts and lodges made for your pleasure. Unwind at swish hotels in Maputo or head into the quiet Quirimbas for something remotely luxurious.

Choose beach lodges with ocean views like Massinga in Inhambane, or safari lodges with lion roars – like Gorongosa National Park. Your all-inclusive package deal ensures delicious cuisine, a plethora of water sports and world class service.

Browse below to find out more or contact us and we’ll put together a custom package to suit your desired itinerary.

Top Luxury Resorts & Lodges in Mozambique

Anvil Bay

Region: Maputo

Perfect for:
Beach walks, Ocean safaris, Fishing, Beach games, Turtle nesting walks, Kayaking.
From $415 per person

White Pearl Resorts

Region: Ponta Mamoli

Perfect for:
Horse-riding, star-gazing, spa treatments, beach sport, scuba  and snorkelling.
From $500 per person

Vamizi Island

Region: Quirimbas

Perfect for:
Birdwatching, Fishing, Kayaking, Sailing, Snorkelling, Castaway picnics.
From $1970 per villa


Azura Benguerra

Region: Bazaruto Archipelago

Perfect for:
Quad biking, fishing, snorkelling, diving, surfing, horse riding and ocean safaris.
From 675 per person

Ossimba Beach Lodge

Region: Nacala

Perfect for:
horse-riding, star-gazing, spa treatments, beach sports, scuba diving.
From $300 per person

Benguerra Lodge

Region: Bazaruto Archipelago

Perfect for:
Diving, snorkelling, fishing, horse riding, dhow cruises, kayaking, castaway picnics.
From $1125 per person


Nuarro Lodge

Region: Nacala

Perfect for:
Snorkelling, diving, sunset cruises, whale watching, birdwatching, dhow sailing, kayaking.
From $275 per person

Bazaruto Island Resort

Region: Bazaruto Archipelago

Perfect for:
Diving, fishing, dhow cruises, dune-boarding, spa, horse-riding, families, couples.
From $625 per person

Azura Quilalea

Region: Quirimbas

Perfect for:
Diving, snorkelling, Fishing, kayaking, island hops, dhow sailing, cultural tours.
From $825 per person


Diamonds Mequfi

Region: Pemba

Perfect for:
windsurfing, cart sailing, fishing, canoeing, diving, catamaran sailing, seasonal whale watching.
From $325 per person

Dunes of Dovela

Region: Inhambane

Perfect for:
Diving, snorkelling, surfing, ocean safaris, quad biking, horse riding, kayaking.
From $205 per person

Medjumbe Island

Region: Quirimbas

Perfect for:
Fishing, Spa, Diving, Snorkelling, Romance, Relaxation, Adults only
From $655 per person



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