Where to stay in Nampula Mozambique?

We know where to stay in Nampula. Read all about accommodation in Nampula’s finest hotels and lodges here. Find unbeaten hotel deals and packages with Mozambique Travel for business and leisure travellers. Holiday specials, conference rates, team building ideas, we have it all, in Mozambique’s beautiful interior.

Have you ever thought of visiting Mozambique’s third-largest city and one of cultural and historical interest? Surrounded by open plains and rocky outcrops, the city of Nampula, in the centre of Nampula Province, lies tucked in the rolling hills and rising mountains of the interior of Mozambique.

Hotel Milenio Nampula

Hotel Milenio Nampula

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Accommodation in Nampula Mozambique for Business and Leisure Travel

Grab recognised business package deals if you are visiting on business. Delegates appreciate the small international airport that connects Nampula to Nairobi and Johannesburg. Use Nampula as a base from which to visit the north of Mozambique. Most business package deals are all-inclusive to make your life easier – comfy hotels, lodges, guest houses and bed and breakfasts, some full board, some half board, high tech conference facilities and meeting rooms plus some fun entertainment or outdoor and cultural activities. 

We provide an attractive choice of diverse Mozambique accommodation establishments that suit your taste and pocket from where you can explore the spectacular scenery of wide-open spaces and rocky outcrops as well as the rugged and mostly pristine coast where some small villages and earthy beach lodges have been established.

Easy Holiday Plans in Nampula Part of Mozambique Tour

It is easy to plan a holiday in Nampula Mozambique as you can use it as a steppingstone to other regions on your tour. We suggest that you combine your holiday to Nampula with a few days on the historic and cultural Ilha de Mozambique, not far offshore from the mainland. 

Holidaying in Nampula is like travelling off the beaten track – it can be time-consuming but once you are there, be grateful for the remoteness and beauty that surrounds you. Enjoy a popular day trip on a cruise out to Ilha de Mozambique, or Mozambique Island, only 3km offshore. Check out the fascinating ruins of ‘Stone Town’, grand old buildings that were built from the coral rock on the island. The island was once an important trading link between Asia and Europe for slaves, spices, pottery and gold.

The most impressive building on Ilha de Mozambique is the imposing Fort São Sebastião, which stands on the northern tip of the island. Many agree that this commanding, defensive structure, built with limestone shipped from Lisbon, is the most formidable fortress in Africa.

Then, a trip down south to Bilene to relax on a stunning beach and try water sports galore on a flat, clear lagoon. Easy holiday plans with our help and we tailor make your package deal to save you time and money. 

Nampula is a great base from which to explore the history of Mozambique. Find your luxury accommodation and take it from there – we have business and leisure packages to make your life easier.

The highlights of a holiday to Nampula Mozambique

  • Nampula is a market town and trade centre of half a million people in northern Mozambique so you will find it full and vibrant and can use this time to connect with the culture and history
  • Nampula produces cotton, and the cotton producing area is known as the Cotton Belt of Nampula. Nampula also produces cashew nuts, tobacco, gems and other minerals. Many of the cotton and tobacco farms in Nampula Province are privately-owned.
  • Eat out in Nampula – the Copacabana in front of the Tropical Hotel is wonderful for good seafood, cold beer and wines in picturesque settings. The Girassol hotel restaurant still is one of the best restaurants in town, with a good breakfast, Sunday lunch and dessert buffet.

Nampula Facts and Figures

  • Nampula is the capital city of Nampula Province in Northern Mozambique, and some 800 000 people live there so it is the third-largest. The city is located 200 kilometres from the coast and is surrounded by plains and rocky outcrops. 
  • The city has a small international airport connecting to Nairobi in Kenya, Johannesburg in South Africa and Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. 
  • Explore the fascinating Mozambican National Ethnographic Museum, several markets, old cathedrals, mosques and universities and find time to meet the Indians, Chinese, Lebanese, European and Nigerians who are part of the population.
  • Nampula was founded by the Portuguese colonial army in 1907 and elevated to city status in 1956. During the Mozambican War of Independence, Nampula was a strategic military centre for the colonial army in the fight against the FRELIMO liberation movement.

Contact us today to organize your exploration and adventure to Nampula and Ilha de Mozambique in the north. Take time to see the history and culture of this fascinating region, so different from the coastline and so refreshing. We customize your accommodation package in a hotel of your choice!