Where to stay in Ponta Do Ouro

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A splendid combination of pristine Ponta Do Ouro beaches and lush indigenous vegetation, the small beach holiday town of Ponto do Ouro south of Maputo draws visitors to its cute cafes, markets, shops, restaurants, and nightlife. Water sports, ocean activities and beach games are a huge drawcard to this popular Mozambique destination, only 10 kilometres from the South African border on a tarred road therefore highly accessible for most travellers.

Paraiso do Ouro Resort

Paraiso do Ouro Resort

Deep down in the south of Mozambique tourists will find a sublime place to stay on a spectacular piece of coastline where the dolphins play – this is Paraiso do Ouro Resort .
Mar e Sol Mozambique

Mar e Sol Mozambique

Mar e Sol is the most sought after real estate on the Ponto do Ouro coastline offering tranquil Mozambique accommodation yet is close enough to nearby holiday facilities.

Varied Accommodation in Stunning Location Southern Mozambique

Choose your Ponta Do Ouro accommodation from rustic campsites, dive camps, motels, and B & B facilities to self-catering, luxury guesthouses, chalets, spas, and lodges. We love the affordable beach resorts in Ponta Do Ouro Mozambique. Discover the fantastic cache of experiences and biodiversity at Ponta: inland lakes, sweeping grasslands, and thick forests make this a place of adventure and relaxation all in one. 

Visitors to this Ponta Do Ouro beach holiday hub are there for the diving with dolphins, whale watching, excellent scuba diving, game fishing, sightseeing – and of course, socializing. Getting to Ponta do Ouro is so easy on newly tarred roads – from Kosi Bay in KwaZulu-Natal South Africa or from Maputo, the capital city of Mozambique.

The highlights of a holiday to Ponta do Ouro Mozambique

  • Diving is excellent in Ponta so get a few dives in with the various dive centres; go deep sea fishing – most fishermen return with huge game fish to braai.
  • October to December is turtle egg laying season on the beaches so beware of these endangered creatures laying eggs at night.
  • Find the dolphin conservation group Dolphin Encountours (DolphinCare-Africa) at Dolphin Beach camp to take you out swimming with the dolphins and experience something deeply spiritual as you connect with such intelligent ethereal beings.
  • Take a drive to the stunning Maputo Special (Elephant) Reserve where the elephants are – Tembe Elephant Park is in KZN and also worth the journey.
  • Be aware that many of the activities offered, such as jet skiing, quad-biking, and 4x4ing on the beach are either not permitted and can be very environmentally destructive and disturbing to the animals. Don’t get drawn into harmful activities.
  • Participate in a Shebeen (name for local pubs) tour along the road from Ponta Malangane and Ponto D’oura. Enjoy 6 -7 rustic pubs a stone’s throw away from each other along a stretch of rough road. Try the local beer!

Ponta do Ouro Facts and Figures

  • Ponta do Ouro/Ponta d’Ouro) is in the extreme south of Mozambique, a mere 15km from the South African border, on the Mozambique Channel south of Maputo. 
  • This “Point of Gold” is so named because early Portuguese explorers believed that gold could be found there. But all they found was dunes rich in black titanium – the only gold was the sun setting into the infinite ocean!
  • It is easy to get to Ponta do Ouro thanks to the new Catembe-Maputo Suspension Bridge and the new tar road from Maputo, taking 2 hours only to the south. At the end of the journey the tar ends so be prepared. 
  • The weather is warm and sunny all year round and some rain falls during November to April so be aware of heat and mosquitoes.
  • Fresh food is available from the market and some well-stocked shops, and there are shops selling drinks, but it is a good idea to bring fresh produce from home too.

Ponto do Ouro is a fantastic African holiday destination. Now you too can experience the extraordinary sunsets from the accommodation of your choice if you book a special holiday package deal with Mozambique Travel.