Ponta Mamoli

Ponta Mamoli

Ponta Mamoli is one of southern Mozambique’s hidden treasures. This breath-taking region remains untouched and undeveloped as well as easily accessible and affordable. Experience a unique Mozambique holiday destination where you find accommodation to suit your budget and activity needs. Probably the most well-known luxury accommodation in Mamoli is White Pearl Resorts.

Lovely Lagoon Coast

Explore beautiful dune beaches and azure seas at Ponta Mamoli, all part of Mozambique’s Lagoon Coast. Discover an incredible chain of sheltered bays created by sea and weather over decades and where freshwater lakes meet salty sea beds and sand banks.

The protected, warm Indian Ocean in this region is home to rare and spectacular creatures: dolphins, leatherback turtles, rays, many colourful tropical fish, rainbow corals and more. You can choose to swim with the dolphins, watch giant turtles lay their eggs in the sand, scuba dive, snorkel or go deep sea fishing – no time for boredom!

Adventure out all Day

Make the most of your special Mozambique holiday: take a 4×4 expedition or quad bike outing around the area’s thick, sandy natural environment. Only 17 kilometres away, Ponto Da Oura offers fun ocean-beach activities: enjoy drinks and seafood meals at many cocktail beach bars and restaurants. Book an activity that suits your family holiday or romantic interlude.

Not far north is the Maputo Elephant Reserve, home to wildlife and grasslands, savannas, swamps and incredible bird species. More than 350 elephants roam the nearly 200 000 acres of the reserve. We can get you there if you book one of our best special deals at White Pearl Resorts.

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