Tofo beach is a surfers’ paradise

This popular Mozambique beach destination runs from a rocky point in the south up towards Ponto do Barra and is filled with excited South African families during school holidays.

Unique Tofo Mozambique accommodation

Book unique Tofo Mozambique accommodation in this watersports utopia. Dive with majestic Whale sharks and huge Manta rays in the south-east region of Mozambique where the sun always rises. Join keen scuba divers and fishermen when you book your special holiday package to discover the abundance of marine life, white beaches and blue skies that are Tofo. And let’s not forget the world-famous surf spot at Tofinho Beach that provides an awesome break for avid surf fans,

This vibrant Mozambique holiday resort was once a charming fishing village and now attracts hundreds of tourists to its warm weather and breath-taking views. Meet like-minded beach explorers around pub tables and in restaurants and share experiences over ice-cold beers and platters of prawns. Watch the sunset into the ocean before you fall asleep in your peaceful accommodation in Inhambane province.

Stay at several backpacker lodges, luxurious Mozambique villas and chalets peeping out from strategic beachfront stands. Our top choices remain, Casa Barry, Baia Sonambula and Casa na Praia for good value holiday accommodation in Tofo. Chose from one of many dive centres in the village and get personal with Manta Rays, turtles, dolphins and more at Tofo. Humpback whales breach the waters in the season. so for all of these reasons, this remains a top dive destination in Mozambique for divers from all over the world.

Discover the small African street market where you can buy fresh produce and small odds and ends. If you are an angler, go fishing for King Mackerel, Dorado, Wahoo, Bonito, and Yellow-fin Tuna during peak season from June to August. Or hire a horse from the stables and ride along the beach in warm sea breezes. Laze on the beach all day swimming, tanning and reading long novels as part of your Mozambique holiday package here.

Take time to visit the ecological center which highlights the region’s sea life and encourages responsible tourism – the brainchild of local hotels.  Also known as Praia do Tofo, the town lies on Ponto do Barra peninsula in Inhambane Province not far from Inhambane town.