Experience the ideal Mozambique holiday destination

Xai Xai (pronounced ‘Shai Shai’) has it all for tourists who want to experience the ideal Mozambique holiday destination in the great outdoors. From comfortable chalets to luxury lodges and resorts with swimming pools, Xai Xai promises fantastic warm weather accommodation all year round.

Book your Mozambique lodgings on the warm Indian Ocean where you can braai, self-cater or indulge in an all-inclusive package deal. Find something that includes a range of water sports and fun activities to keep families busy. Make sure you eat out at some of the bars and restaurants where chefs will conjure up mouth-watering dishes of fresh seafood and spicy local cuisine.

Picturesque Mozambique holiday destination

Xai Xai is a picturesque Mozambique holiday destination attracting tourists to its exquisite beaches, natural environment, and wonderful water sports. It is also the capital of Gaza Province on the Limpopo River, 220 kilometers north of Maputo. You can buy all your necessities at funky markets and shops and there are even convenient petrol stations, banks and internet cafes.

Stay on the beach, Praia de Xai Xai, a mere 10 kilometers from Xai Xai town, in rustic Mozambique hotels or villas with breath-taking sea views. Make sure deep sea diving, long walks, and other beach adventures top your daily agenda.

Xai Xai offers an affordable and fun holiday for families and groups of friends. Swim with Whale sharks, surf the tides and walk for miles up the long white beaches. Visit the Wenela tidal pool which is linked to the sea by a natural tunnel and blow hole. Or take a deep-sea fishing charter to hook that Big One. Jet skiing and quad biking excursions can also be arranged in this tropical paradise.

Spend days working on your tan, relaxing in hammocks, picking coconuts, bartering for fresh avocados, body surfing or snorkeling in the clear lagoon. Find the inner you when you stay at this beach. Try snorkeling along the reef that runs parallel to the shore for a great underwater experience.

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