Mozambique beckoning and bold, with its coastline and swaying palms, its traditions, its cultures, its vibe; it’s a destination of magic and memories waiting to be made. It’s a journey that will take you to this enigmatic southeast African country, where you will find long, dune-fringed beaches, turquoise waters abounding in shoals of colourful fish, well-preserved corals, remote archipelagos in the north, pounding surf in the south and graceful dhows with billowing sails.  Add to this colonial-style architecture, Maputo’s pulsating nightlife, a fascinating cultural mix and vast tracts of bush, welcome to magical Mozambique and the journey of a lifetime!

From Maputo (river in the south) to Rovuma (river in the north) the country has so much to offer. Proffering the best surf on the eastern coast in Ponta do Ouro and Calanga beach, first-rate dive sites in Tofo where you can swim with whale sharks in the wild. The visually captivating snorkelling that you can do in the archipelago of Bazaruto, surrounded by dugongs that still find refuge here. The true safari, in unique eco-systems in Gorongosa, Zinave and Niassa. The smell of history you can still feel on the island of Mozambique. The long empty beaches in Pemba and the pristine paradise of the Quirimbas archipelago. The beauty of the Gurué’s tea plantations. The immensity of the “sea that is born in the land” called Lake Niassa, and much, much more….. It’s waiting for you to come and explore! 

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