Mozambique is the perfect destination to rest and recuperate while you enjoy family holidays. With a range of activities and resorts to choose from, you can have peace of mind that your kids are well taken care of while you sneak away for some quiet time with the old ball and chain!

The choice of luxury resorts and hotels are abundant, but at Mozambique Travel we know that family comes first. This is exactly why our Travel Specialists spend so much time putting together the perfect family holiday packages to Mozambique that accommodate all your needs.

Our Child-friendly and Mozambique family holiday packages include various combinations of activities and downtime to suit a growing family. We understand the kids need to be happy in order for parents to regain their sanity. So browse our family packages below to find the perfect fit for your family and kids of all ages!

For families with teenagers, we can suggest some great Mozambique resorts that have amazing activities or nightlife and plenty to keep them entertained!