Where to stay in Ilha de Mozambique

Look no further for information on where to stay in Ilha de Mozambique. Choose the perfect hotel or villa from our list of bespoke accommodation on Mozambique’s most famous island. We offer irresistible hotel and lodge package deals for your holiday in paradise.

Travel to Mozambique’s Ilha de Mocambique or Island of Mozambique, a tiny island off the coast of Nacala Province. Its claim to fame is that was the original capital of Mozambique for nearly 400 years. Then the Portuguese moved their capital to Lourenco Marques which became Maputo. And now, Ilha de Mozambique is a popular beach and ocean activity holiday destination with tons of history and culture.

Ilha de Mocambique Highlights

  • Stay in glorious historic accommodation on the island then stay in a mainland villa for more action and relaxation.
  • Drink 2M beer with breakfast then try some stand up paddle boarding on a glassy bay.
  • See the impressive Fort of São Sebastião (St Sebastian) from the 1500s and the ruins of the huge old hospital dating back to the 1800s.
  • Venture into ancient Makuti Town, part of historical Stone Town, where people live below sea level because so much rock was removed to build Stone Town.  
  • Buy food off the streets from the local vendors – chicken piri piri grilled on the coals, fresh Portuguese bread or pão, spiced rice, roasted peanuts, fresh coconuts and tropical fruits.
  • Purchase intricate local silver jewellery handcrafted by artisans on the island.
  • Snorkel for hours in the mangroves.
  • Experience inspiring boat trips out to the legendary islands of Goa and Sete Paus or Sena Island. 
  • Enjoy a warm swim at the Pontao (pier) or eye-opening snorkelling around a sunken barge.

Island of Mozambique Facts and Figures

  • Just 3 km long and 500 m wide, the tiny Island of Mozambique was once a major Portuguese trading post and an important stopover on the Indian spice route for hundreds of years. 
  • Ilha de Mozambique is located between the Mozambique Channel and Mossuril Bay, in Nampula Province. 
  • This island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its ancient history and culture dating back to before the 14th century. 
  • In 1507, the Portuguese built a naval base there and built the Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Baluarte which is now the oldest ever building in the southern hemisphere.
  • This is one of Mozambique’s fastest growing tourism destinations with 16 000 residents, boasting a fascinating blend of Indian, Portuguese, African and Arab cultures and architecture.

Best Accommodation in Ilha de Mozambique Oozing History and Comfort

  • Book into Jardim dos Aloes

At last, eccentric accommodation that stands out from the crowd – the Garden of Aloes (Jardim dos Aloés), is located in the heart of Stone Town and reflects the history and imagination of bygone eras in Mozambique. A charming family-run bed and breakfast decorated in colourful fabrics and featuring a fascinating array of old clocks, gramophones, radios and other relics. Comfortable accommodation in Aloe Vera, a 2-bedroom double story apartment for families, or Aloe Arborescens and Aloe Ciliaris, double rooms with king size beds, en-suite bathrooms and shared balcony.

  • Stay at Hotel Escondidinho

Find awe-inspiring historic Hotel Escondidinho on a quiet street in the Stone City, with a shady back courtyard, quality cosy restaurant and sparkling blue pool. Rooms boast large windows, high ceilings with their original beams and chunky carved wooden furniture.  Once a trading house where slaves were accommodated, this charming Mozambique Hotel is now the perfect base from which to explore the fascinating island of Ilha de Mozambique

  • Choose Lavish Villa Sands

A beautiful boutique hotel located on the western beach of Mozambique Island, this perfect ocean front location offers a hand-carved boat for guests to explore the bay. Enjoy fresh seafood and a fruity cocktail on the Villa Sands sunset terrace. Created from three old warehouses, this Mozambique Hotel offers eight en-suite double rooms with king size beds, air-conditioning, ceiling fans and stunning views. An exclusive rooftop suite boasts another three double rooms with private verandas.

It is no wonder that Ilha de Mocambique was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991. Book your holiday to the historical island for your honeymoon, family escape or couple’s retreat.

We love Ilha de Mozambique for its sheer history and culture, its hospitality and its beautiful scenery. Everything is slowed up in the Island of Mozambique and everything is meaningful. This is an exciting source of cultural and religious significance unchanged by modern life and loved by tourists. The gorgeous natural landscape makes your visit to this island so much more worthwhile. 

Call us today to arrange your island holiday in Mozambique and combine a few days on the mainland in a villa of your choice.