Travel to Mozambique’s Ilha de Mocambique or Island of Mozambique, a tiny island off the coast of Nacala Province. Initially the capital of Mozambique for nearly 400 years before the Portuguese moved it to Lourenco Marques (now Maputo), this island is now a popular holiday destination.

Fascinating Blend of Cultures & History

Just 3km long and 500m wide, the Island of Mozambique was once a major Portuguese trading post and an important stopover on the Indian spice route for hundreds of years. Today Ilha de Mozambique boasts a fascinating blend of Indian, Portuguese, African and Arab cultures and architecture.

Walk across the bridge connecting the island to the mainland and mingle with the approximately 16 000 people living mostly in thriving Macuti Town. Stone Town, on the northern half of the island, is worth a visit due to its significant architectural and cultural landmarks. Stroll the wide streets and check out the fresh markets with funky food stalls.

Boat Trips out to Legendary Islands

Join Mozambique Travel on a trip to yesterday where you can experience boat trips out to see nearby islands of Goa and Sete Paus or Sena Island. Try swimming at the Pontao (pier) or some surprisingly good snorkeling around a sunken barge. Holidays that find long white beaches, excellent snorkeling and diving opportunities in the nearby Indian Ocean.

Book into Jardim dos Aloes or Hotel Escondidinho, warmly hospitable tourist accommodations oozing plenty of history to add spice to your Mozambique island holiday. Your hosts feed you traditional foods, tell you many stories and look after you like their own family.

It is no wonder that Ilha de Mocambique is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991. Book your holiday to the historical island for your honeymoon, family escape or couple’s retreat.