The Ultimate Mozambique Wildlife Historical and Island Holiday 

The thought of seeing three Mozambique destinations on one Mozambique holiday is awe-inspiring, especially when it is a clever fusion of wildlife, culture, and island beauty. For the first time, Mozambique Travel is offering our seasoned travellers the opportunity to experience Gorongosa National Park, Ilha de Moçambique, and Azura Benguerra Island Lodge. Our ultimate stand-alone package for Mozambique in 2024 rivals the best beach-bush vacations in East Africa. Start in Gorongosa for a luxury walking safari at Muzimu Tented Camp, transfer to Ilha de Mozambique for a few days exploring cobbled streets from Villa Sands, and then we pull out all the stops for ultimate relaxation on Benguerra Island in the Bazaruto Archipelago, at Azura Retreats. 

What’s included in this deal

  • All internal flights, light air, helicopter and road transfers
  • Accommodation where specified with meals
  • Safari to Gorongosa with light air transfers from Beira
  • 2 game activities daily at Muzimu Camp in Gorongosa National Park
  • All meals and drinks on safari in Gorongosa
  • Fly to Nampula and transfer to Mozambique Island
  • Discover a Mozambique Unesco World Heritage Site from Villa Sands
  • Fly to Vilanculos and then do a helicopter transfer to Benguerra Island
  • Amazing Azura Retreats at the end of your adventure
  • Island bliss in Bazaruto

Gorongosa Safari Mozambique

Gorongosa National Park Safari Mozambique
Experience the untamed beauty of Gorongosa National Park and encounter breathtaking wildlife!

Gorongosa National Park indeed boasts the richest wildlife and landscapes in Mozambique. Healthy wildlife numbers tell a remarkable story of conservation success and safari tourists can now view enormous herds of antelope, prides of fat lions, pods of lazy hippos and endangered pangolins, African wild dogs, leopards, rhinos, and elephants too. Mammals in Gorongosa have experienced a whopping 700% comeback in the last 10 years ago and ongoing scientific research proves that strong leadership, funding, and dedicated conservation can turn things around in this model National Park in Mozambique. A choice of top-class accommodation suits safari enthusiasts and those who prefer luxury facilities. Gorongosa Mozambique is a place to visit…and visit soon.

The country of Mozambique is once again establishing itself as a top safari destination in Southern Africa. Its not just about the beach any longer in Mozambique. Combine a safari to Gorongosa with a five star resort in the Bazaruto Islands or Vilanculos. The rapid rise in Mozambique’s safari status is largely thanks to the hard work and restoration of Gorongosa National Park.

It is a biodiversity hotspot of wetlands, floodplains, acacia-covered grasslands and a unique and isolated mountain that is covered in rainforest, Not so long ago Gorongosa was home to some of the greatest concentrations of wildlife in Africa especially lions. It had the highest lion density anywhere in Africa – for one reason, and one reason only. It was one of the richest ecosystems on the planet. Come soon and visit this undiscovered National Park in Mozambique.

Mozambique Island or Ilha de Mozaqmbique a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Mozambique Island aerial view of Ilha de Mozambique
Step back in time and uncover the historical wonders of Ilha de Mozambique, where culture and heritage blend seamlessly.

At the cultural island destination of Ilha de Mozambique, there is so much to see, absorb and enjoy! It won’t take long to walk the small area of 3 km by 500 m atoll, a unique destination that once hailed as the capital of Mozambique. Today, this island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its ancient history and culture dating back to the 1400s. From the initial Muslim slave traders to the Portuguese naval base and the establishment of the Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Baluarte, Mozambique Island is brimming with stuff to learn.  Historical guest houses, luxury villas and quaint hotels offer warm accommodation for all visitors.

The Island of Mozambique is a calcareous coral reef that is just 4 km from the mainland coast and connected n the entrance to the Mossuril Bay of the Indian Ocean. The island is situated in Nampula Province of the Republic of Mozambique. The original bridge built in the late 1960s joins the Mozambique Island to the mainland and allows easy access for tourists on their Mozambique holiday. There are two additional uninhabited islands that are part of an archipelago – the Islands of Goa formerly a prisons and Sena to the east of Mozambique Island.

The island community which number around 25 000 are closely associated with the dhow trade off the coast of Mozambique and they have a history of navigation in the Indian Ocean. Mozambique Island played a crucial role in trading links from the 10th century between the Arabian Peninsula, India and China. The Portuguese soon saw the importance of the island in establishing their maritime routes and occupied the island in the early 1500’s. It served as the most important link between western Europe and the Indian subcontinent.

The Island of Mozambique has two distinct types of architecture. The Swahili stone and lime town that still displays its Arab influence and 1000 year old building techniques. The north half of Mozambique Island boasts majestic colonial buildings hundreds of years old. Ancient stone town, with its administrative and commercial properties, was the first seat of the Portuguese colonial government in their early days of discovery and that lasted from 1507 to 1898 and the capital of Mozambique. As maritime technology advanced and the Suez Canal opened the capital was transferred to Lourenço Marques which is now modern day Maputo.The old buildings and extensive fortifications of Mozambique Island are today exceptional examples of architecture and building techniques from the last few hundred years.

Bazaruto Archipelago

Bazaruto Archipelago Islands Mozambique
Immerse yourself in the stunning beauty of the Bazaruto Archipelago, where turquoise waters and pristine beaches create a paradise like no other.

From the historical Mozambique Island fly to Nampula and take a helicopter to a pristine marine national park with its uninhabited white beaches, a deep turquoise sea, sun-drenched days, and starry nights. This is Benguerra Island in the Bazaruto Archipelago Marine National Park and Azura Benguerra Lodge. This is the first eco-friendly resort in Mozambique promising superb luxury accommodation and exquisite ocean activities. From fishing, snorkelling or diving in protected reefs to watching migrating whales and dolphins, this is the best way to end a three-in-one Mozambique vacation. We rate this as our best Mozambique holiday and safari package that is only available through Mozambique Travel.

Muzimu Luxury Safari Camp Gorongosa 3 nights 

The first exciting leg of this journey begins with an astounding safari experience in a true paradise for all wildlife enthusiasts in Gorongosa National Park. Regular game drives reveal captivating endangered species roaming diverse ecosystems including lions, wild dogs, leopards, elephants, buffalo, blue-wildebeest, Crawshay’s zebra, sable antelope, nyala, and kudu. Imagine three nights around a blazing log fire after long bush hikes, thrilling game drives, and expert game rangers as hosts.

Game drive in Gorongosa National Park
A safari at Gorongosa offers so much more than a traditional one. It is the chance to feel part of what is perhaps one of Africa’s greatest wildlife restoration stories!

This special accommodation package to Muzimu is all-inclusive of light aircraft transfers from Beira, meals and drinks. Stay in 6 rustic chic tented chalets on private timber decks with ensuite showers, tea and coffee stations and fans. The perfect setting, charming service, mouth-watering menu and attention to detail enhance an authentic safari experience in the nearly 4,000 square km Gorongosa.  Special rates apply for special guests at Muzimu which means “Guardian Spirit” in the local language. On your stay at Muzimu Gorongosa Mozambique, you will be treated to two game activities a day – drives or walks and a number of other safari activities in Gorongosa.

Villa Sands Mozambique Island 3 nights

Fly from Beira to Nampula and then do a 2 hour road transfer to the Island of Mozambique. Three more nights on this special safari cultural beach holiday package. Now shift the focus from nature to culture when you arrive on Ilha de Mozambique. Vill Sands was created from three old warehouses to become a sought-after beach hotel offering eight ensuite double rooms with luxury amenities and stunning views. Simply put – it is the best place to stay on Mozambique Island.

An exclusive rooftop suite boasts another three double rooms with private verandas on the Island of Mozambique. The seafront terrace swimming pool with its sun beds and bar service are popular – as is the fresh seafood enjoyed alfresco or inside the restaurant.  Discover Mozambique Island and all its history on guided walking tours

Ilha de Mozambique historical and cultural holidays in Mozambique
Discover the captivating history of Ilha de Mozambique as you embark on an exciting scooter adventure through the streets of this island.

Walking the streets of Mozambique Island and mingling with the local people going about their daily lives in and around Stone Town is an experience not to be missed. Grab a bicycle and explore the island alone, stopping for a picnic on a secluded beach somewhere along the shores of the Island of Mozambique. 

Stay 3 nights or more and enjoy an idyllic dhow trip with Villa Sands, a bright and beautiful boutique retreat on the beachfront exuding luxury. Your special package deal includes return airport transfers, a boat trip around the island, and other fab treats! 

Azura Benguerra Bazaruto Archipelago – 4 nights

The final leg of the most memorable Mozambique holiday of 2024 takes place at the amazing Azura Retreats Benguerra in the Bazaruto Archipelago. In a class of its own, this eco-lodge features 20 upmarket luxury villas, an award-winning restaurant, and numerous ocean and island activities. Experience Benguerra Island in its untouched state as you revel in lavish Azura accommodation on our best-ever Mozambique holiday special. Colourful, ethnic, contemporary décor captures the spirit of the Indian Ocean Islands in all their essence. Outdoor rain showers, beds with sea views, and wooden decks boasting private plunge pools and soft sun loungers. 

Horse safari at Azura Retreats Benguerra
Embarking on a horseback riding journey along the picturesque water’s edge of Benguerra Island is an experience that will leave a lasting impression on avid riders.

Take up this life-changing 4-night offer of world-class nature experiences in the Bazaruto Archipelago 2024. Our Azura special deal includes a private butler to answer your every need. Helicopter transfers, ocean activities and fresh seafood meals are on the house. 

Mozambique holidays of a lifetime

Mozambique Travel is promoting this luxury combo bush beach package for discerning guests. It is an all inclusive Mozambique safari package  to Gorongosa National Park, Ilha de Mozambique and Benguerra Island in the Bazaruto Archipelago. This three-in-one holiday wins first prize for its unique combination of innovation, adventure, wildlife, culture, and relaxation. Spend a total of 9 nights exploring Mozambique’s very best game park, most famous historical island and highly rated Indian Ocean Island retreat on one holiday. We ensure you get the best of three worlds in the raw bushveld of Muzimu Tented Camp, history at Villa Sands and luxury at Azura Benguerra Retreats. Flights and transfers are all included.