Why we love Colina Verde Villa

Here lies a unique escape from stress and the opportunity to explore a beautiful and remote part of Africa on the sensational Machangulo peninsula near Maputo.

Captivating 360º views of the Indian Ocean and lush environment from the luxurious seven-room house perched atop rolling dunes.

Not another house or person in sight and the best place to be happily infected with relaxation, joy and appreciation.

A stress-free fully serviced home-away-from-home complete with a chef and friendly hands-on managers.

Recharge and Relax at Colina Verde Villa Santa Maria Peninsula

Wherever you are in the amazing Colina Verde Mozambique, you absorb infinite and panoramic views of the surrounding Santa Maria Peninsula in all its blues, greens, whites and browns.  This essential breakaway venue was the brainchild of people who love Mozambique, its environment and its people. A Mozambique luxury beach villa, Colina Verde is on the Santa Maria Peninsula and close to Maputo. We book packages, flights and transfers to Colina Verde.

Join us to experience some of the best Santa Maria Mozambique accommodation at this sanctuary where you can disconnect from technology and connect with yourself and your loved ones in a beautiful natural setting. Visitors feel right at home in an exclusive-use house that comes with a cleaning service, cooks, maintenance staff, drivers and activity experts. It’s good to feel part of a warm, hospitable community that loves meeting international tourists and turning them into friends for life.

Community and conservation drive the successful ecotourism principles at Colina Verde Villa. One of the most exciting activities is the fish tagging and monitoring projects – every fish a guest catches is tagged and released through the in-house tagging programme. Some fish have been rehooked and all tagging data has been collated in a scientific paper on how Giant Trevally move between South Africa and Mozambique. The lodge owners also participate in a scientific project to tag apex predators with acoustic tags and track the fish using special receivers. Guests can offer to fund acoustic tags and help catch and tag apex predators! This kind of niche tourism is good for the marine environment and for tourists who learn more about the importance of conservation. 

Colina Verde assists the local community to access healthcare in their remote Machangulo village and they work according to a “We are together” motto. Every visitor contributes to community projects simply by being there on a dream holiday in Mozambique. 

Luxury Facilities and Accommodation at Colina Verde 

It’s heartening to find an exclusive use villa for a dream Mozambique holiday in a remote setting that is still conveniently close to Maputo. Guests will appreciate this intimate and exclusive escape for their family and friends and no one else. Imagine indulging in personalised services, flexible experiences and a haven of solitude where relaxing in nature creates unforgettable memories.

Each of the 7 villa bedrooms is individually decorated and perfectly suited for families or groups as the ultimate Santa Maria Lodge Mozambique. This holiday house looks toward Inhaca Island in the Bay of Maputo, within the confines of the magical Machangulo Reserve. Explore these 10,000 hectares and 20 km of pristine coastline boasting rich biodiversity in spectacular dune forests, mangrove swamps and inland freshwater lakes.  

Get the best of incredible beaches, azure oceans for diving in style and natural vegetation where myriad bird species and other wildlife exist. Sometimes luxury goes hand in hand with a rugged environment and at Colina Verde, your comfort comes first in the heart of a true marine wilderness. Cool off in the appropriate oval heated swimming pool with an added hot tub and shaded bar. Work out in the gym, chill out with some yoga or grab a massage beside the pool.


  • 7 bedrooms – ensuite bathrooms, unique decor
  • Heated pool
  • Games room
  • Spa and massage room, gym, yoga facility
  • Two hot tubs
  • Nespresso coffee
  • Fireplaces
  • Wi-Fi, computer


  • Whale watching
  • Snorkeling, diving  
  • Island picnics
  • Sandboarding
  • Fat bikes
  • Kayaking 
  • Spa, yoga
  • Table tennis, tennis court 
  • Board games, books, pool table
  • Boat trips and 4×4 drives 
  • Fishing, Apex predator tagging

Getting to Colina Verde

  • Fly from Maputo, either by helicopter across the Bay of Maputo or by light charter plane to Machangulo airstrip.
  • The superb boat trip from the harbour takes 75 minutes past Inhaca Island to reach the tip of the Machangulo Peninsula. 
  • Daring adventurers can try a 4×4 entry from Maputo through sand and broken tar too! 

Whatever it takes, get yourself to Colina Verde villa for a holiday that rivals all vacations in Mozambique. Contact Mozambique Travel for all your travel requirements.