Quirimbas Islands

The Quirimbas Archipelago (or ‘Ilhas Quirimbas’ in Portuguese) is a beautiful string of 32 islands lying far north of Maputo. Stretching more than 100 kilometres along the coastline, the Quirimbas Islands offer unique, unspoilt accommodation choices for visitors all year round.

Beaches and waters in the Ilhas Quirimbas are still largely unpopulated and unexplored therefore ecologically pristine. The 11 southernmost islands and part of the mainland are protected under the Quirimbas Marine National Park.

Book the ultimate Mozambique Honeymoon experience in beach lodges, luxury resorts and rustic cabins – settled on white sands and looking into stunning sunsets over the ocean. The Quirimbas Archipelago accommodation on offer is world class and far from the busy commercial lodges in the south of the country.

Quirimbas Archipelago Holiday Accommodation

Quirimbas Archipelago Holiday Accommodation is designed to merge with the perfect landscape. Visitors can immerse themselves in the culture, the ancient history reflected in many old settlements and buildings or ruins. Ocean safaris, islands hopping day trips, water sports galore and relaxing dhow cruises make a holiday to these islands unforgettable.

The Quirimbas Archipelago offers traditional Mozambican food combined with European and Arabic flavours. Try giant prawns, crab and freshly caught sailfish! Juicy fruits and delicious coconut rice are a typical accompaniment with most meals. Be sure to experience the Mozambican piri-piri – Portuguese in origin and made from crushed chillies.

Diving in the Quirimbas Archipelago reveals hundreds of identified marine species and new sites are continually being discovered.

Flights to this part of Mozambique land on the mainland and charter flights land on several of the islands. Previously very inaccessible, this destination has opened up – take a beach holiday now to the Quirimbas Archipelago and never look back.