Where to stay in Tofo

Where to stay in Tofo and the best accommodation in Tofo Mozambique. See our list of Mozambique holiday accommodation and deals to the top Tofo hotels, resorts and lodges.

We have all the Mozambique holiday accommodation and super duper deals for your holiday to Tofo. This surfer’s delight boasts all levels of beach hotels, coastal resorts, tropical style guest houses and rustic lodges. See Tofo’s best beach accommodation deals and our special offers here.

A trending Mozambique beach destination with travellers from all over the world. Tofo runs from a rocky point in the south up towards Ponto do Barra and is filled adventurous tourists who are there simply, for some of the best beaches in the world.

Sava Dunes Beach Lodge

Sava Dunes Beach Lodge

Sava Dunes is a fantastic Mozambique Holiday Lodge found in the Inhambane region. Grab some adventure and go snorkelling with whale sharks or quad biking on cultural tours to the fascinating towns of Tofo and Praia Da Barra.
Tofo Mar Hotel

Tofo Mar Hotel

A quality holiday experience awaits you when you book your special package deal to Hotel Tofo Mar overlooking the magnificent Praia do Tofo on Mozambique’s spectacular coastline.
Baia Sonambula Tofo Beach

Baia Sonambula Tofo Beach

Baia Sonambula, “sleeping beach", is aptly named for its location on Tofo Beach in Mozambique. Spend your beach holiday here embraced by white-washed stone walls, thatched roofs and bougainvillae gardens. Yes, this Mozambique guest house is an understated stylish beach hideaway in an authentically rustic beach village.
Vanilla View Villas Tofo

Vanilla View Villas Tofo

Overlooking the tranquil Tofo mangroves and the Indian Ocean in the distance, Vanilla View blends into the natural environment.

Tofo for Surfing, Whale Sharks, Manta Rays and Rustic Accommodation

Book unique Tofo Mozambique accommodation in this water sports utopia. Join keen scuba divers and fishermen when you book your special holiday package to discover the abundance of marine life, white beaches and blue skies that are Tofo. And let’s not forget the world-famous surf spot at Tofinho Beach that provides an awesome break for avid surf fans.

This vibrant seaside holiday resort was once a charming fishing village and now attracts hundreds of tourists to its warm weather and breath-taking views. Meet like-minded beach explorers around pub tables and in restaurants and share experiences over ice-cold beers and platters of prawns. Watch the sunset into the ocean before you fall asleep in your peaceful accommodation in Inhambane province.

Stay at several backpacker lodges, luxurious Mozambique villas and chalets peeping out from strategic beachfront stands. Our top choices remain Casa Barry, Baia Sonambula and Tofo Mar hotel for good value holiday accommodation in Tofo. Choose from one of many dive centres in the village and get personal with Manta Rays, turtles, dolphins and more at this Inhambane destination. Humpback whales breach the waters in the season. 

If you are an angler, go fishing for King Mackerel, Dorado, Wahoo, Bonito, and Yellow-fin Tuna during peak season from June to August. Or hire a horse from the stables and ride along the beach in warm sea breezes. 

The highlights of a holiday to Tofo Mozambique

  • Dive with majestic Whale sharks and huge Manta rays in the south-east region of Mozambique where the sun always rises. These majestic marine animals have made Tofo’s tourism industry what it is today.
  • Visit the resident ecological centre for local sea life created by hotels to manage and guide responsible tourism because Tofo Beach attracts hundreds of surfers and swimmers every season. 
  • Along the coast are a number of other small tourist centres, including the Bazaruto Archipelago off Vilankulos,Praia de Zavala, Praia de Zavora, Baia dos Cocos, Barra Beach and Pomene. South Africans colonise these spots every holiday.  
  • Tofo and surrounds have some truly excellent diving in healthy reefs hosting magnificent large marine life – Whale sharks and Humpback Whales in season, reef sharks and much more. Don’t miss Manta Reef, home of three cleaning stations where so many Mantas gather. 
  • Support the local market for self-catering holidays and buy fresh prawns and crayfish – local fishermen will pass by most cottages every morning. The small food stores at the back of the local market behind the fresh produce is also a great place to eat the local dish’s like Matapa. 
  • Beautiful beach walks amaze visitors for their dazzling beauty and warm tides ebbing and flowing – walk to Barra one way 90 minutes and to Tofinho in a few minutes to marvel at the scenery and catch a wave or two.
  • See Humpback whales and dolphins – diver or not, be sure to set out on at least one ocean safari to discover what sea life you can experience close to the surface.

Tofo Facts and Figures

  • Tofo Beach/Praia do Tofo is a small town in south-eastern Mozambique. The town lies on the Indian Ocean Coast on Barra Beach peninsula in Inhambane Province, 22 km from Inhambane town. 
  • Tofo is a hotspot for tourists from around the world to come and see the culture and sea life, to surf and dive, fish and kayak. Historically a small coastal fishing village, Tofo has grown into an international tourism centre – the market, 4 diving centres, a small hotel, and several lodges offering various types of accommodation. 
  • Direct flights to Inhambane from Johannesburg have enabled this industry. Otherwise Tofo is about 6 hours’ drive north of Maputo. From the north, Tofo is about 5 hours’ drive from Vilanculos.
  • Take malaria preventative medicine especially in summer as Tofo can be very hot.
  • The nearest ATM is 5 km away and there is little public transport so you may have to rent a quad bike to get cash.
  • There is no Wi-Fi but 3G data does work so get a SIM card.

Your surfing, diving and fishing holiday at Tofo is worth every Rand or dollar and you will leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Accommodation on the beach with ocean views is all you need so book your special Tofo package deal with Mozambique Travel today.