Bilene – or Praia do Bilene

Was once called San Marthino and is known as a popular beach resort right on the Mozambique Channel. Only 15km from Maputo, Bilene offers a range of accommodation options from self-catering bungalows to the most luxurious chalets with great views of the lagoon.

Uembje Lagoon

This is the famous Uembje Lagoon (or San Marthino Lake) where you can try out one of the best-loved activities in Bilene – snorkeling! Discover this inviting stretch of water that reaches 8km wide and 27km long, going down to 50m deep. Take up scuba diving or participate in some fun water sports such as skiing, water tube riding, wake snake, wakeboarding, kneeboarding, windsurfing, kayaking, and fishing.

Capture the magnificent flocks of pink flamingos on film as they wallow for food, noisy and gorgeous as they socialize. Maybe you will care to book a microlight flight over the area, viewing these elegant birds from above, or watching them take off gracefully over lovely lagoon and ocean.
Holiday activities in this Mozambique beach town called Bilene include safe swimming during the day and fantastic wining and dining during the evenings. Enjoy a Mozambique iced beer, great local cuisine, and even a local disco to shake your booty. Head down the coast to swim at Xai-Xai, not far from here. It is easy to find something to suit your needs. Shop locally at small markets and stores for food and curios and other goods.

South Africans love Bilene for its proximity to Johannesburg and the options of the lagoon and the warm Indian Ocean. Book your Holiday to Bilene today!