The best time to go to Mozambique…

“When is the best time to go to Mozambique?” This is a question we get asked often  and the  answer is not as straightforward to pin down  as  you may think.  Sometimes you only have a set of specific dates, so this has to be your ‘best time’ . Often you are travelling for a particular reason  or special interest so that will dictate when you go and what you do. Some people love hot and tropical balmy beach conditions, whilst others simply want lots of sunshine and don’t mind if it rains.

This is our summary of what to expect weather wise in Mozambique and the best time of year for a holiday. Mother nature is often unpredictable these days, so this is deliberately broad and is based on the last 20 years of us working as a specialist tour operator and sending literally  thousands of clients to Mozambique.

It is also worth mentioning that travel to Mozambique is considered a year-round destination due to its balmy 28 degrees ocean temperate  year round, bar February when you can expect the most rain.

Mozambique’s coastline

Mozambique’s coastline stretches for almost 2,300km. It literally has kilometres of pristine, and very often undiscovered beaches.  It has ocean currents running north to south along its coastline  for the whole year.

The country follows a similar weather pattern to Southern Africa (not East Africa as you may think) with the  rains starting in mid- December and ending in March.

It is also important to note that there is a slight difference in the south and north of Mozambique with the north seeing a slightly longer rainy period. In the rainy season its important to note a few things. It can be very humid and hot. Rains are often tropical down pours that last for a short burst and cool things down again before the sun comes out again. Rain often falls  in the late afternoon or night. Mozambique actually has a low annual rain fall and due to its position with Madagascar protecting it from the full  impact of tropical storms and cyclones.

Usually by the end of March  the rains have finished and  the humidity decreases. This is a lovely time to visit Mozambique and it’s a lower season rates wise. The rains make the coastal vegetation lush and green, and sea conditions are often  calm and glassy. It’s a perfect time to visit places like the Bazaruto Archipelago and the awe inspiring Azura Benguerra.

From April to August is the dry season and this is considered a good  time to visit Mozambique. You can expect very little rain, clear nights with incredible stars, hours of warm sunshine and balmy tropical conditions.  June through to end of August is considered the coolest time temperature wise in Mozambique and you may need a light cotton jersey at night. Temperatures still reach around 30 degrees in the heat of the day mind you, so you can still swim to your hearts content!

September and October are two of our favourite months. Temperatures pick up more so its gloriously hot, dry and this is one of the best times for marine exploration as the winds are less and this means good underwater visibility.  The trade winds usually change direction in July.

A few other factors dictate when you may want to travel. Humpback whales protect their calves in the calm waters of Mozambique with excellent sightings possible from late June to late October before they migrate.   In Ihambane and namely the  Tofo area there are one of the biggest whale shark populations in the world. These can also be  spotted year round.

When ever you go Mozambique will touch your soul. It is an incredible country offering  authenticity and  some of the best beaches in the world.