Why we Love Sussurro Mozambique

The theme and ethos are completely African with a dedication to local people and their culture, maintaining the delicate links between environment and ecotourism in a melting pot of green ethics.

An African experience in Nhamabue near Vilanculos where luxury design in a boutique hotel radiates superior comfort on a secluded seashore.

Enormous spacious private bungalows featuring furniture and decor handmade on site and collected in Sub-Saharan African – reflecting a way of life that remains eternal and loyal to nature.

Sussurro can only be accessed at low tide which adds to its privacy –completely solar powered, this eco lodge is committed to zero plastics and organic ingredients in all foods and amenities for privileged guests.

Softly billowing sails of dhows fill your days as you set off on the ocean from Vilanculos to explore the Govhuro river tributary and exquisite mangrove forests where tiny African villages exist in nature.

Understated Luxury Accommodation at Sussurro Beach Lodge

Discover the understated beauty of the new kid on the block and one of a kind Sussurro Beach Lodge. It is on a secluded peninsular known as Nhamabue, east of Baía do Govuro, and north of Vilanculos in Mozambique. Simple yet luxury and design led spacious luxury accommodation offers an understated beauty of natural textures and materials from nature’s wardrobes at this brand new eco beach resort.  If you are wondering where to stay and looking for meaningfull travel experiences, choose Sussurro. It is fast making a name for itself as a stylish beach option just north of Inhassoro in the greater Vilanculos area.

Transfers to this awe-inspiring Mozambique lodge from Vilanculos Airport take 90 minutes by road or guests can hire a charter to the Inhassoro airstrip. Theres regular flights daily to Vilanculos for easy access.  Sussuro is a magnificent new destination, dedicated to African design, art, culture and conservation. Taking eco tourists deeper into a conscious way of exploring an exotic destination where loyalty to people and nature is the crux.

The Beautiful Sussurro Radiates Mindful Luxury in Vilanculos

The name Sussurro means quite literally ’mindful luxury’ and the overpowering ethos is to create a meaningful travel experience that honours local traditions. Sussurro is all about giving back to people and planet in a commitment to sustainability in travel – and the end result is truly stunning.

Hand-crafted by the local people using only locally sourced materials, the lodge and all its furnishings are natural and essentially African. Powered by renewable energy, Sussurro also maintains a policy of zero plastics. Achingly chic, yet totally simple, the overall aura is calm and authentic. 

Clean cut lines, screed floors and a minimalistic use of space, only 6 superior bungalows at Sussurro  offer luxury beach accommodation to a handful of lucky guests. Enormous areas of 92 square meters personal space surrounded by mature vegetation and each suite at Sussurro includes indoor and outdoor bathing facilities and a generous lagoon-front veranda. The design blends raw concrete, natural textures, palm thatch, basket weave, all dressed in a soothing pallet of off-white fabric, mosquito netting and natural textures.

Co-founder Sarah Birkett has a passion for showcasing hand-made African craftmanship, and it is evident throughout the design. Here you will not find a mass-produced plastic item, and everything has been mindfully sourced and placed to create an authentic Mozambican atmosphere.

Activities at Sussurro, Mozambique

Yoga, fishing, stand-up paddle-boarding, snorkelling, diving, weaving workshops, beach biking, village experience. What a way to go! Entry to packed 24-hour pantry, snacks, baked goods, iced teas and a dedicated steward. Unbelievable service! 

The sunset dhow cruise for two is so romantic that honeymoon couples will be in their element here on the stillness of a unique bay. Drinks and snacks as the sun sets pink into the sea. Or spend half the day on a dhow exploring the river estuary and exquisite mangrove forests when you sail up the Govhuro River where tiny local villages hide. 

At low tide, take the dhow to Bartholomew Dias Island for a picnic and sunbathe on a sand bar while traditional fishermen catch their lunch nearby. Rest in a shaded spot and snorkel in the shallows. For more excitement, book the excursion to Santa Carolina Island and adventure around the deserted 1950s hotel there, picnic at the ready and plenty of time to snorkel and doze in the shade. 

Adventures into the magic of the remote Bazauto Archipelago are not to be missed – deep sea scuba diving from Vilanculos includes all gear and return transfers from Sussurro and the islands. Or set off into the lagoon area to try your hand at water sports deluxe – skiing, boarding and tubing – a fun day out with family and friends. Visit the reforestation projects or experience a village fishing event (conservation, seasonal).

There is also an option to combine your luxurious beach lodge Sussurro with a personalised safari into the African bush. The nearby parks of Zivane and Gorongosa are an obvious choice. Get in touch for details on these safari options in Mozambique. 

We love the idea of a scintillating beach break at Sussurro, where the ocean calls your name and dhow sailing is the way to explore the coast, then taking off into the wild bushveld of the gorgeous Gorongosa National Park to see lions hunting, elephants bathing and huge herds of antelope grazing. We promise irresistible special beach-bush package deals to combine two holidays in one longer escape in Mozambique’s top featured destinations.

Sussurro Beach Boutique Hotel Facilities

  • Fancy Sussurro cocktail daily
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Daily laundry service
  • Solar powered
  • Bio-kind organic room amenities
  • Dedicated Steward
  • Admission to 24-hour pantry – Freshly baked sweet and savoury goods, snacks, chilled beer, iced teas and minerals available around the clock

Getting to Sussurro Beach Resort Mozambique

The lodge of Sussoro is situated in the interior of a remote peninsula known as Nhamabue, accessed by vehicle along the beach. The nearest airstrip for charter flights is the Inhassoro airstrip and the nearest international airport is Vilanculos. Airlink return flights from Johannesburg run daily. Helicopter transfers are by far the best way to get to Sussoro with and amazing scenic flight over the Bazaruto Archipelago en route!

From Vilanculos, it is a 1 hour and 30-minute drive to the Sussoro, 40 km of which is a scenic experience driving on a quintessentially East African beach. From Inhassoro airstrip transfers take 30 minutes. Chat to us about your special package deal to Sussurro and more.