COVID -19 Testing – Vilankulo Airport (VNX)

  • Vilanculos airport (VNX) is open for international flights & domestic flights to/from Maputo.
  • Covid-19 Testing in Vilankulo. New testing laboratory is available  at Nhamacunda, a modern private clinic in Vilankulo located  5 minutes from Bahia Mar Hotel.
  • Airlink flies from Johannesburg to VNX in 1 ½ hours. Their recent press release states its aircraft have high-efficiency air filters similar to hospital operating rooms.
  • If arriving by private charter the timing can be scheduled for when airport is expected to be empty.
  • Temperature checks on landing; all airport staff following current Covid-19 protocols.
  • A negative PCR test is required within 72 hours of travel to Mozambique, with proof to be shown on arrival.
  • Mozambique’s borders are fully open for international travel for all visitor types (since 11 September 2020) and Covid 19 cases in the country are very low.
  • Airlines: Airlink, Qatar, Air France, Ethiopian, Turkish, Kenyan, TAP, LAM all fly internationally into Mozambique .
  • Airlink flies direct from Johannesburg to Vilanculos and connects with all major long-haul carriers.
  • Visas are available on arrival for international guests. South African passport holders receive 30 days as usual on entry.

Azura Benguerra Island:

  • Where the country you are returning to or airline you depart Mozambique on requires a negative PCR test 72 hours before the flight, this will be arranged through AMS the local Netcare affiliated hospital.
  • A medical professional tests at the lodge and results are emailed to the island ahead of guests departing.
  • Costs is 5,800 MZN per person for the test.
  • From the airport to the helicopter point to fly to Azura is quick and easy and is a walkable 200 metres.
  • The helicopter flight to Azura is 8 minutes, on a sanitised aircraft.

Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort:

  • The AMS Netcare Clinic has committed to a test result within 24h to 48h.
  • Guests at Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort can complete their test on the Island at the hotels Clinic.
  • For tests made on Bazaruto Island, the PCR test cost is based on a degressive rate for a person from the same family:
    • 1 test to 3 tests = 7,000 MZN each
    • From 4 tests = 6,300 MZN each
  • The Clinic will charge 9,300 MZN per PCR test without degressive pricing.
  • The tests will be performed at guest’s most convenient time, preferably in the morning in order to send the samples to Vilanculos on the same day.

Bahai Mar Hotel and Villa Santorini:

  • This will be arranged through AMS, the local Netcare connected hospital in Vilanculos, if the country you are returning to or the airline you are departing Mozambique on demands a negative PCR test 72 hours before the departure.
  • The test costs 5,800 Mets, (approx. Zar 1,400) The clinic is 5 min from Bahia mar Hotel and guest are driven to the clinic free of charge. 
  • The test can also be done at the hotel with  an additional fee of 3,800 mets.

Massinga Beach Hotel:

Where the country you are returning to or airline you depart Mozambique on requires a negative PCR test 72 hours before the flight, this will be arranged through AMS the  local Netcare affiliated hospital in Vilanculos.

Testing is done at the AMS Private Clinic in Vilanculos.  The telephone number of the clinic is 00258 84 378 1911

The current cost of the testing is as follows :

  • 1 person              –              8,950mts per person
  • 2 people              –              7,980mts per person
  • 4 people              –              6,197mts per person


These are current prices which may be subject to change.  You are welcome to pay either by card or cash (meticais) when you take the test

 The test including the completion of forms etc. is normally about 1 hour

 Should the Lodge have its own driver and vehicle available, the cost of the transport (fuel only) is R1,500 return payable at the Lodge.  Should a driver not be available or clients would like to spend the day at Vilanculos, an outsourced driver and vehicle will be sourced and a rate advised

Machangulo Beach Lodge:

  • Done by Lenmed Private Hospital Group Maputo
    • MZN 5068 per person – result in 24 hours
    • MZN 20 000 for the Hospital Team to transfer to Machangulo Lodge and  MZN 20 000 Boat Hire
  • Machangulo will check with the other lodges in area to combine transfers so costs of transfers can be shared.

White Pearl Resort:

  • COVID-19 PCR test may be administered at White Pearl Resorts by a registered nurse from Lenmed Private Hospital in Maputo.
  • The cost is $65 per test and will be to the guests Results are issued within 48 hours of administration & results are sent to guests via email.
  • Travellers must present the test clearance certificate together with the receipt received for the payment made.
  • White Pearl cover the expenses involved in bringing the medical staff  to the lodge. Guests pay for the actual test only.

Get in touch with one of our team who are all Mozambique experts and we will tailor-make a package to suit your budget and interests. We will get back to you straight away!