The Lodge at Benguerra Island is modern, relaxed and a vision of rustic chic – the decor, the food, the staff and service are all reminiscent of an era when life was less stressful and the environment mattered to people.

Situated on the beautiful Benguerra Island, Benguerra Lodge is a place to pamper and unwind, marvelling at the scenery and making promises to try new water sports. The island is the second biggest in the Bazaruto Archipelago and offers the best scuba diving and snorkelling in the world! On land, take a drive to see the crocodiles lurking in the freshwater lakes and climb huge sand dunes.

Couples can look forward to a romantic wedding at this lodge at Benguerra Island in Mozambique, one of Africa’s most stunning countries. Boasting unrivalled scenery, secluded beaches and romantic accommodation, your Benguerra Lodge wedding memories are sure to last forever. Read more about Benguerra Lodge honeymoons here.

Naturally then, nothing comes close to a romantic honeymoon on Benguerra Island at this deluxe lodge – experience one of the most blissfully perfect destinations in Africa with an enticing Benguerra Lodge honeymoon package. What could be more romantic than endless white sandy beaches, warm clear water and spectacular sunrises from the ocean into clear blue skies?

Visitors to this lodge on Benguerra Island can indulge in private dinners around the island or on their decks; the lodge is so remote and so private that couples, corporate business people and families like to escape to this island for a real break from daily routines.

You can also learn to dive at the idyllic Benguerra Lodge – home to the rare grey dugong and mystical whale sharks, turtles and dolphins. Take a bit of passion, add some kindness and a sprinkle of dedication and what you have is a recipe for something strong. Activities at Benguerra Lodge are presided over by people who love what they do. If you, as the privileged guest, want to go horse riding, fishing or diving, you know that you are in good hands.

When you go fishing, you will be asked to catch and release, to conserve these species for generations to come. So, a holiday on Benguerra Island is all about the fine balance between the needs of the natural environment and the local people. Book your villa now with one of our consultants.