Why it’s Right to Embrace Eco Travel to Mozambique Now

In a world where human choices ripple across the planet, embracing eco-travel has never been more essential. It’s not just a trend; it’s a responsibility that we, as travellers, must shoulder. Embracing eco-travel is a moral imperative, an acknowledgement that our choices as travellers have consequences, and we have the power to make those consequences positive. So, the next time you plan a trip to Mozambique, consider eco-travel to eco-friendly lodges, support responsible tour operators, and make mindful choices that leave a positive impact on the world. After all, the Earth is our most precious destination, and we must protect and cherish it through eco-travel.  In this blog, we highlight eco-travel to these sustainable and top-end luxury lodges in Mozambique: Azura Benguerra, Sussoro and Bahia Mar Boutique Hotel.

The aerial view of the islands of the Bazaruto Archipelago
Mozambique has remained an exclusive Ecotourism destination as many of its islands and mainland beaches are isolated and secluded, offering travellers the ultimate escape.

These compelling reasons reveal why now is the perfect time to wholeheartedly embrace eco travel.

It’s time to protect our planet, a fragile ecosystem under increasing strain from over-tourism, carbon emissions, and pollution. By choosing eco-travel, you’re taking a stand to protect the very destinations you love to explore. Sustainable practices, from reducing plastic waste to conserving energy, will ensure these places remain beautiful and vibrant for generations to come. It’s all about supporting local communities and community-based tourism which help to contribute to local economies. It’s a win-win, where your travel experience becomes a force for good. 

Eco-travel is not just about protecting the environment, it’s also about enriching your own experiences. When you immerse yourself in nature, connect with local cultures, and choose mindful travel practices, you’re likely to find a deeper sense of fulfilment and connection. The tourism industry is at a crossroads – it can continue down a path of unchecked growth, leading to the degradation of natural and cultural treasures, or it can embrace sustainability. By choosing eco-travel, you’re casting your vote for a more responsible and ethical future for tourism and these choices send a powerful message to the industry that demands change. 

Group of women having fun with some Mozambican locals
Another important role of ecotourism is improving the quality of life for locals. This type of tourism provides an alternative to traditional forms of tourism that can often be damaging to the environment.

Eco-travel often leads to unique and off-the-beaten-path experiences -staying in an eco-friendly lodge nestled in a remote rainforest or participating in conservation efforts can be far more rewarding and memorable than traditional tourist activities. Travel is a powerful tool for education and awareness. When you embrace eco-travel, you learn about the challenges and opportunities facing our planet and gain a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all life and the importance of preserving it. 

Our Top 3 Eco-Lodges in Mozambique

A journey to Mozambique is an adventure in itself but what elevates this experience to an entirely different level is the opportunity to indulge in eco-conscious travel, where sustainability seamlessly intertwines with top-end luxury. Visit an eco travel lodge in Mozambique with us. Picture a place where paradise meets purpose, where every moment spent is not only a celebration of opulence but also a commitment to safeguarding our planet. 

  • Azura Benguerra Lodge is the epitome of ethical, sustainable, and community-based tourism. Nestled on the shores of Benguerra Island, it stands as a beacon of hope for local communities. The majority of its staff hail from disadvantaged backgrounds and are provided with training and opportunities for personal growth. When you stay here, you’re not just a guest; you’re a part of a transformative journey.
  • Sussurro Mozambique, on the other hand, offers a conscious narrative in African travel that’s as awe-inspiring as the landscapes it inhabits. With spacious bungalows that embrace sustainable living, this retreat is a sanctuary where space, sustainability, and serenity converge. Its commitment to using locally sourced materials, supporting artisanal fishing, and reforesting mangroves reflects a dedication to preserving the natural wonders of Mozambique.
  • Bahia Mar Boutique Hotel in Vilankulo completes our trio of eco-conscious destinations. It’s more than just a place to rest your head – it’s a community-driven haven that thrives on fairness and sustainability. Here, you’ll find a hotel community that nurtures its staff and supports local projects, from funding a preschool to championing the Sea Horse Conservation program. Bahia Mar proudly carries the certification of Fair Trade Tourism, signifying its dedication to fair practices and responsible tourism.

These destinations are not just places to stay, they are gateways to a more conscious, more meaningful way of experiencing the wonders of Mozambique. 

Sussurro Mozambique

Many people live in tiny homes, flats, apartments or shacks and the average one-bedroom house barely stretches to 46 square meters. Picture now a spacious bungalow spanning a generous 92 square meters, the lavish accommodation at Sussurro Mozambique, an eco-conscious haven in Vilankulo. A world where space is abundant, where sustainability is sexy, and where every detail is designed to immerse you in the breathtaking beauty of Mozambique’s pristine shores.

Sussurro is not just a retreat. With a commitment to crafting a more mindful experience of Mozambique and Africa as a whole, it stands as a testament to sustainable luxury. Lodgings are constructed entirely from locally sourced materials and adorned with artisan pieces collected thoughtfully from across Africa. Craft, for Sussurro, is the bridge that connects humanity and nature. Each bungalow boasts a private waterfront veranda, perfect for your morning yoga or meditation sessions. Indulge in a soak in the sunken bathtubs that offer unparalleled views of the surrounding grounds. Sussurro is an eco-traveller’s dream, blissfully off the grid, running entirely on solar energy. Single-use plastics are nowhere to be found, replaced by ocean- and garden-to-table cuisine that celebrates local artisanal fishing and farming. They’re even involved in a mangrove reforestation project, a commitment to preserving the natural environment.

Sussurro’s approach to the land and community is tender and intuitive. This commitment is reflected in their core principles including only using 100% African-sourced and made materials and services, supporting the local community, using renewable energy, and fighting against single-use plastics. From guest consumables to dining, organic is the way forward as is their support for sustainable artisanal fishing and local farming.

Azura Benguerra Lodge

Another jewel in Mozambique’s responsible tourism crown, Azura Benguerra follows a similar ethical path and the lodge is recognized as a model for ethical, sustainable, and community-based tourism. Most of their staff come from disadvantaged communities and Azura provides them with training and opportunities for growth. Tourism actively contributes to local empowerment. An eco-lodge Mozambique!

The infinity pool right on the beach at Azura Benguerra Island in Mozambique
Azura Benguerra Island is a beautiful and exclusive destination that offers a unique combination of luxury, natural beauty, and responsible tourism.

Azura’s design ethos, ‘Eco-Chic,’ combines modern aesthetics with traditional local elements. Even their award-winning villas were hand-built by the local community. Siyazisiza Trust, a force for good in rural South Africa, features in Azura’s hotels. They transform recycled glass bottles into beads used in the resort’s decor. Additionally, they craft the unique carved stools found in Azura’s award-winning villas.

Bahia Mar Boutique Hotel 

Bahia Mar Club is a boutique hotel in Vilankulo that embodies sustainable tourism with its dedication to staff training and providing a fair working environment. They also support various local projects, promote clean energy solutions, and proudly hold certification from Fair Trade Tourism, signifying their commitment to fair wages, working conditions, and respect for human rights and the environment. They partner with PARCO, a local NGO, to provide support to their community, including funding for a preschool and initiatives like the Sea Horse Conservation program.

An aerial view of the Bahia Mar lodge
Discover and support an ethical Mozambique sustainable tourism destination set in a beautiful beach environment at the gracious Bahia Mar Boutique Hotel.

What’s your carbon footprint as a conscious traveller? Bahia Mar takes transparency seriously by presenting guests with their carbon score. They aim to help guests understand their carbon usage and make more sustainable travel choices. When it comes to offsetting carbon emissions, restoring forests is a powerful solution, as tropical forests absorb around 26 tons of CO2 per hectare annually for decades. Bahia Mar is part of the IMPPACT™ Eco-Lodge Mozambique program, which offers travellers the opportunity to calculate their carbon footprint and offset it through verified projects. 

Maybe one day you will get to experience eco-travel holidays to sustainable and top-end luxury lodges in Mozambique. We recommend Azura Benguerra, Sussoro and Bahia Mar Boutique Hotels in the top regions of Bazaruto, Inhassoro and Vilanculos. It’s right to embrace eco-travel now, in a world where travel leaves a mark. These eco-conscious destinations in Mozambique lead the way in leaving a positive and sustainable legacy. So, embark on your eco-adventure, leave only footprints, and take home memories that align with your values. It’s a journey that transcends luxury; it’s a journey of purpose.