Swimming with the dolphins in Mozambique

If you have tried swimming with the dolphins in Mozambique, then you will know that it is an extremely rewarding and spiritual experience! But we also need to look at the experience from the dolphin’s perspective. While it is the Bottlenose Dolphins that come inshore to meet people, you can also view the delightful Indo-Pacific Humpback dolphin and the energetic smaller Spinner dolphin.

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It is good to know that they are very intelligent beings who are not shy of people, and people feel great awe when swimming with them.  They live in warm waters worldwide and in Mozambique’s Ponto do Ouro and Quirimbas Archipelago regions they are seen all year round.  Contact one of our consultants to organise your dolphin swim today!

Mozambique is the ideal holiday destination where you can enjoy guided dolphin swims in warm bays and clear blue sea. In the south at Ponta do Ouro and in the north at Ibo Island, qualified guides will join you to sense the needs of the dolphins and to lead your group into the dolphin pod – but only if the dolphins are agreeable.

If the dolphins want to swim with you, they swim up to you and around you in a playful, circular motion. All you need to do is relax, float, feel their energy, enjoy! If the dolphins seem to want to avoid your group, they will go off to feed and you will have to leave them alone. No one is allowed to try to touch these protected marine animals.

Being in their underwater world for a few minutes can change your life. You may be able to hear the dolphin’s sonar frequencies and it is said that this energy can alter your cellular structures to encourage a real sense of happiness.

All wild dolphin swim programmes in Mozambique are regulated by a responsible Code of Conduct and in Ponto, the Dolphin Centre crew follow Responsible Marine Mammal Tourism. At Ibo Island Lodge, the Dive Quirimbas activity centre is very proud to be an Ethical Marine Mammal Campaigner in Mozambique which supports the Dolphincare code of conduct.

Divers in the Quirimbas usually come across the dolphins in shallow tropical waters where they can be easily seen swimming along the sandy bottoms. Whatever happens, you will never forget the time you spend below the surface of the water with these special creatures.

Please note that Dolphin in-water observations are not guaranteed due to the nature of the dolphins. So combine your swim with the dolphins with a snorkelling experience to see myriad fish in all their glorious colours, and a guided walk into the mangroves to see unforgettable biodiversity.