Imagine top class facilities at an exclusive Mozambique beach resort, where lounging around all day on the deck, with nothing better to do than tan the skin and dip in and out of sparkling swimming pools is the right thing to do? This is White Pearl Resorts, a gem of a beach hotel right near Ponta do Ouro,  on the beach at Ponta Mamoli in southern Mozambique.


Experience an African holiday destination like no other – dine in a top class restaurant where lavish mezze platters and fresh seafood delights are the order of the day! Service is swish and friendly, not a guest forgotten. Take time to read inspirational books in the lounge or reading room and have a drink at the rustic Pool Bar, close to the white sandy beach, its infinity pool extremely welcoming!


The Beach Bar has been decorated to wow every guest with its bling decor and modern fittings – sample wonderful tapas while sipping an exotic cocktail.

The five star accommodation allows guests to pamper their minds and bodies – soak up incredible vistas from wooden decks with private plunge pools – some suites are situated right on the beach while others are elevated on stilts to take in the changing horizons.


Shower under the stars or cool off in the lavish air-conditioned rooms. Elegant lounges with plenty of glass to allow the views to come in invite reading and dozing. Take advantage of tea and coffee facilities, mini bars, wonderful deep baths, and refreshing decor made for royalty.


Guests also have access to Wi-Fi internet and TV. Facilities at White Pearl Resorts are made for relaxing and inspiring guests to return again and again!