Mozambique is the grandest snorkeling holiday destination in Africa it seems. Coral reefs and colourful fish can be found all along the coastline from Ponto do Ouro in the south to Pemba in the north. Halfway up, Inhambane and Barra beaches offer some incredible snorkelling experiences over what are commonly known as the ‘Manta Reefs’.

Diving and snorkelling go hand in hand, but for those who are not ready to don a wetsuit, mask and tanks, snorkelling will continue to delight and astound you. The water is continually warm and both beginners and expert divers can go down to 15 metres and see amazing underwater sights. You will find world class snorkelling spots off Vilankulo where you can swim near whale sharks and manta rays and at Ponto do Ouro where you can swim beside huge turtles and dolphins.

From game fish and giant lobster to whale sharks, manta rays and green turtles, the stunning turquoise sea surrounding the Bazaruto and Quirimbas Archipelagos offers havens for snorkelers in Mozambique. You too can go there so contact one of our consultants to assist you with a snorkelling special.

Most of these idyllic islands offer extraordinary snorkelling experiences, safe and warm, and close to the luxury accommodation you choose. Anantara Bazaruto Island Lodge and Spa, Bazaruto Lodge and Azura Benguerra Lodge all have their own dive centres with top class PADI standards.

Snorkel over pristine coral reefs where all kinds of marine species play. At Ibo Island Lodge, you can snorkel from the light house and the lodge’s secret sand bank beach at varying times during the day. Azura Quilalea is a snorkelling paradise – step from your private villa straight into the ocean and snorkel to your heart’s content!

Even off Maputo are the snorkelling spots accessible and ideal – take a quick boat ride to Inhaca Island for the dive or snorkel of your life! Day trippers love the island for its preserved biodiversity, mangrove swamps, beaches and swims.

Mozambique is a snorkelling paradise so get out your mask and flippers and go ahead, book that trip today!